Velká sbírka diagramů – mnohotažek. Brilliant Ways to Checkmate. diagramů s řešením. Publikuje ŠK Řemdih Strmilov. Satis ce. Vavříny vždy unikly . In Reinfeld’s Brilliant Checkmates problem 95, in the queen sac section, can’t White just play. 1. Ng3+ Kh4 (forced). 2. Nf3+ Kg4 (forced). 3. h3#. Fred Reinfeld (—) is said to be the most successful and prolific chess writer of all time, being associated with over one-hundred titles. His books on.

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October 15, at 5: August 8, at 6: They are fine contributions to helping all players improve their chess talents. June 21, at 6: This review has been printed in the August issue of the British Chess Magazine.

I see mate in 2, but the solution goes forever and not exactly forcing moves either.


You may use these HTML tags and attributes: December 7, at 4: December 17, at 5: December 8, at 5: December 7, at 6: As soon as you have solved a problem the next problem will be loaded. December brilliqnt, at 1: Fred Reinfeld was also one of the most prolific authors in history, having written hundreds of books on topics ranging from numismatics to philately to science.

Proudly powered by WordPress. A penultimate version of the review is reproduced here. It seems to work in the most recent versions.

Qf4 and the given solution is 1. December 7, at 9: Rook takes e7 forced. I think white can play 3. Good job, cheers bekeffeecgba. Probably not or something went wrong with the loading of the diagram.

Brilliant Checkmates #95 – Chess Forums –

Ignore my other message. July 29, at 6: Once I solve the problem it immediately disappears. February 17, at 6: Btw, you are right!


So White is not in check, because the pawns have to move away from this king. August 7, at 8: I love this application.

Brilliant Ways to Checkmate | Chess Book Reviews

The chapters are set through a series of Problems. And i am glad reading bgilliant article. But looking at the diagram indeed a faster mate exists: These books put us under the tutelage of two splendid chess instructors.