A Shortened History of England. Front Cover. George Macaulay Trevelyan. Penguin Books, – Gran Bretaña- – Historia – pages. Trevelyan was an English historian whose work, written for the general reader as much as for the history student, shows an appreciation for the Whig traiditon in. A Shortened History of England has ratings and 17 reviews. Jon said: Why English majors should read history:For many centuries after Britain became.

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Nov 25, Paul Wilner rated it it was amazing.

In the mirror that Miss Austen held up to nature in the drawing-room, it is hard to detect any trace of concern of trouble arising from the war. Jan 13, Philip rated it really liked it. The hsortened I can do is admire and reproduce some of its beautifully written prose. But many also many their fortunes in new factories, and og commerce with the black and brown peoples of the world, whom England was learning to clothe, wholesale, as yet without a rival in that profitable business.

Carr considered Trevelyan to be one of the last historians of the Whig tradition. By the good genius of English politics has often retrieved apparently hopeless situations.

A shortened history of England – George Macaulay Trevelyan – Google Books

Trivia About A Shortened Histo Incredibly concise and beautifully written narrative history of Britain from pre-Roman times to pre WW2. The story begins almost biblically, dwelling for suspense in imaginative vistas of the virgin prehistoric land, still eternal-seeming: English society was old, elaborate, and artificial, while American society was new, simple, and raw. A useful tool I always address myself to hiztory it comes hostory fill the gaps of my poor historical knowledge of England and the United Kingdom.

No time for any questions at the end. And, therefore, once the Roman conquerors had glutted their first rage for plunder, their main effort was to induce their Western subjects to assimilate Latin life in all its aspects. Altogether an informative overview of English history. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Commerce and manufacture are growing with the cloth trade, and are bursting the boundaries of medieval borough and guild. I read somewhere that Trevelyan’s works are now “largely unread”, which is a very great tragedy.

A “shortened” history, indeed. Lists with This Book.

A Shortened History of England

It struck me that the author had a great shhortened of sympathy for the historical actors, and was reluctant to accuse anyone of outright cynicism though not denying that self-interest has always retarded progress.

It’s taken me about four months to read, and it was a day of great rejoicing when I finished. James rated it liked it Sep 28, Wellington’s remarks about the soldiers who won his battles, as “the scum of the earth,” enlisted “for drink,” represent the common limitations of the upper-class sympathy at that period. At the time of their coming overland, the chalk downs of Dover and Calais were still united in a continous range; the majestic Tham I picked up this book to learn from shortneed not to read critically, so I can’t offer a lot of insight into Trevelyan’s integrity or originality as a scholar.


Just a moment while we sign you suortened to your Goodreads account. Ther I read somewhere shortehed Trevelyan’s works are hjstory “largely unread”, which is a very great tragedy.

Pitt and Castlereagh had defeated Napoleon himself, given peace to Europe, and won a hundred years of security for Great Britain. And the latter part of the history, from the First World War to the Second the book was published in get somewhat skimpier treatment, with events too fresh to get his full attention.

Concise and very well-written, this book provides an adequate overview of the story of the nation from the remote days of the Celts to the end of WWI.

A Shortened History of England. G.M. Trevelyan

No final exam if you were willing to accept the grade you got on your mid-term. During the three if when our native language was a peasant’s dialect, it lost its clumsy inflexions and elaborate gender, and acquired the grace, suppleness and adaptability which are among its chief merits. Trevelyan’s history is engaged and partisan.


Its moist and mossy floor was hidden from heaven’s eye by a close-drawn curtain woven of treelyan tree-tops, which shivered in the breezes of summer dawn and broke into wild music of millions upon millions of wakening birds; the concert was prolonged from bough to bough with scarcely a break for hundreds of miles over hill and plain and mountain, unheard by man save where, at rarest intervals, a troop of skin-clad hunters, stone-axe in hand, moved furtively over the ground histpry, ignorant that they lived upon an island, not dreaming that there could be other parts of the world besides this damp green woodland with its meres and marshes, wherein they hunted, a terror to its four-footed inhabitants and shortehed afraid.

Dec 19, Abderrezak rated it it was amazing. Finally, the extension of the political franchise to all compelled the nation to elaborate a system of national education out of the fragmentary efforts of private and denominational enterprise.

Jey rated it it was amazing Sep 24, England, it seems, is no longer at the extreme verge of all things, but is their maritime heart and centre.

Six or seven weeks of disagreeable ocean tossing divided London from Boston, so that personal intercourse was slight, and the stream of emigration from the mother country had run very dry ever since Never was sporting life more attractive, with its coaching on the newly improved roads, and its boxing matches patronized by the nobility.


It is symbolic of the fate of the English race itself after Hastings, fallen to rise nobler, trodden under foot only to be trodden into shape. Trevelyan was the third son of Sir George Trevelyan, 2nd Baronet, and great-nephew of Thomas Babington Macaulay, whose staunch liberal Whig principles he espoused in accessible works of literate narrative avoiding a consciously dispassionate analysis, that became old-fashioned during his long and productive career.

Pitt’s useful new device of the income-tax, which was continued till the end of the war, did something, but not enough, to redress the balance. Enland are watching an important step towards the higher stages of civilization – the growth of a leisured class. But the better policy of an enforced minimum wage, though discussed, was unfortunately rejected as old-fashioned and unscientific.

Jan 31, Jackson Cyril rated it really liked it Shelves: By a gradual transition towards democracy, seldom hastening and never turning back, frevelyan rights were extended to all without a catastrophe.

The Danes had a word for acts of cowardice, desertion, or dishonourableness of any kind – “nidings voerk” – as distinct from ordinary breaches of the law, and more terribly punished by public opinion.

A Shortened History of England. G.M. Trevelyan : George Macaulay Trevelyan :

The worship of Odin and Thor, the religion common to primitive Anglosaxon and Scandinavian, was pre-emimently a layman’s religion, a warrior’s religion, a religion of high-hearted trsvelyan not overburdened with brains or troubled about their own souls.

For many centuries after Britain became an island the untamed forest was king. The English upper class never became a closed caste, like the continental nobles who married sjortened inside their own order, and despited merchants and commerce. Refresh and try again.

The chief sufferers by the war were the working classes, for whom little was done except the general adoption of the policy originated by the Berkshire magistrates at Speenhamland, for granting rates in aid of wages to prevent families from positively dying of starvation. As I have tried to point to, Trevelyan’s style is anything but dry, and his investment of purpose and direction to historical events is at the least a helpful crutch to readers who are looking for a way to assimilate the facts.

William Shep rated it really liked it Jan 25,