O data la cateva decenii, apare o carte care schimba pentru totdeauna viata cititorilor sai. Alchimistul lui Paulo Coelho este o astfel de carte. Singura noastra . Alchimistul by Paulo Coelho Ebook Download. Alchimistul Ebook Download. By: Paulo Coelho. Genre: Fiction & Literature,. Read Online or.

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I’m sure there was a message hidden in this book somewhere that went completely over my head. View all 13 comments.

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Santiago is a fascinating main character that I think anyone could relate to. It got him to nullity. She is his treasure,now. I think Fables are an important part of literature, well not many might enjoy it.

I think everyone should read this bookit will change your perspectives and widen your horizons of thinking. Hemingway,Blake,Borges and Malba Tahan,as examples. Open Preview See a Problem?

However, there were also a lot of moments were I completely zoned out while listening to the narrator. So good and such a quick read even though it took me much longer than it should. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams. Where did the saying come from: He tried regrettably,he reckons using his theatre pupils in magic And, if you improve on the present, what comes later will also be better. Coelho not just writes a factual description of the scene, but elaborates also the feelings and emotions very vividly.


Alchimistul Experimental Witch where he invites his readers to adapt to the screen his book Alchimistul Witch of Portobello.


Here is alchimistuk quote from the book that I would spin in alchi,istul slightly different way: He concludes he can perform miracles One of which led to untold riches And the other to a lost work of Aristotle.

He is equally present in media sharing sites such as Youtube and Flickr, offering on a regular basis not only texts but also videos and pictures to his readers. Indeed Paulo Coelho is a firm believer of Internet as a new media and is the first Best-selling author to actively support online free distribution of his work. The writing style was really nice and unique – I could have continued reading forever. Now, he’s heading to the Oasis. One day a strange character shows up to Santiago; “I am the King of Salem”: The fact that onlinf same story can evoke so many diverse feelings and emotions in its reader.

The Alchemist warns him: What does that say About my Religion? The Experimental Witch where he invites his readers onlibe adapt to the screen his book The Witch of Portobello.

Both alchimistu them are short novels novellas, really that tell about a simple and fairly unremarkable boy going through many encounters to find ultimate enlightenment. The other thing I didn’t like was that he totally ignored the first girl, the merchant’s daughter, that he loved. He gets robbed of all the money he took with him.


Forget about the future, and live each day according to the teachings, alchimistu that God loves his children. Africa The shephard finds Africa strange. View all 5 comments. I didn’t really know what to expect going in but I really enjoyed it! But Santiago must follow his dream.


It was written in the spirit of a self-help manual with a story built around it. But I did really enjoy this story. It didn’t light the spark in me most classics do. No one knows what the treasure is, or if Santiago will be able to surmount the obstacles along the way. Becoming an expert in his alchimistul, but time passes by, alchimistul youth alchimistul now Coelho creates this ideal world where there is a cast of mysterious characters, who just happen to have insight into aalchimistul future and can assure Santiago alchimistul the treasures of his life, not only exist, but can be found and precisely where and how to find it.

Thieves left,the boy knew the pyramids were smiling at him. He set out to find treasure. I’ll make a small commission!

So he leaves Oasis with the Alchemist.