Make sure the CDAR/CDAR will not be installed in a location subjected . Manual mode: The frequency is manually tuned in steps (Manual tuning). CD / MP3 / WMA Receiver – CDAR. This unit features our advanced BioLite ™ Display, providing outstanding brightness and resolution for optimum. Alpine CDAR User Manual • Installation • Alpine Car radio.

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Bring your favourite music collection to your car, and hear it as you want it to be heard — with exceptional clarity, extended dynamic range and full power. Removal 1 Remove the detachable front panel.

Pty programme Type Tuning They can be activated with a first click on the button. Priority Pty programme Type Initial System Start-up About The Crossover When you install this unit in your car, do not remove the detachable front panel. Parts Layout On P. Setting User’s Eq Mode Setting The Mx Mode Setting The Aux Mode v-link Installation And Connections Recalling The Stored Crossover Settings This can be done by pressing firmly in on the unit while pushing the locking pin down with mamual small screwdriver.


Tuner setting – Alpine CDA-9855R User Manual

Setting Amplifier Link Use of this site signifies your agreement to the Terms of Use. Pi Seek Setting This manual is related to the following products: Setting The Subwoofer Output Multi-changer Selection optional Searching By Album Name Packing Assembly Parts List In Case Of Difficulty Car Stereo System Size: Exploded View cabinet The unit comes supplied with a wireless remote control.

Fast, convenient tools for easily finding specific songs in your extensive music collection. Frequency Search Function Setting The Display Dimmer Install the Detachable Front Panel.

This boost in voltage ensures that the music signal will not distort at high volume levels. Adjusting And Storing The Graphic About Time Correction Setting The Steering Position If the detachable front panel is removed during installation, you might press too hard and warp the metal plate that holds it in place. Setting The External Digital Input Recalling The Stored Equalizer Curve Searching From Cd Text Slide the mounting sleeve into the dashboard and fix it with the metal shackles. Recalling The Stored Time Correction Operating The Audio Processor Sound beep Guide Function Subwoofer On And Off Display Tilt Adjustment The front panel swings down for access to the loading slot and can mwnual set at any desired position.


Tuner setting | Alpine CDAR User Manual | Page 31 / 49 | Original mode

Scroll Type Setting This popular compressed format let you keep an enormous amount of music on a single CD. Receiving Traffic Information Introducing the newest, coolest most convenient way to control your head unit. manal

Packing Method View The unit is compatible with steering wheel remote control systems so it can replace the factory-installed head unit without loss of this convenient option. If blocked, heat alipne accumulate inside the alpien and may cause a fire.

You can get 12 hours of music on a single disc. Table of contents Table Of Contents As each pin is unlocked, gently pull out on the unit to make sure it does not re-lock before unlocking the second pin.