Ardas. The Ardās (Gurmukhi: ਅਰਦਾਸ) is a Sikh prayer (see below for the full Ardas) that is carried out before performing or after undertaking any significant task;. Jun 19, The word “Ardas” literally means “prayer.” The traditional Sikh Ardas has come to represent a specific form of prayer recited in every Gurdwara. Apr 18, Though the beginning (up through the mention of Guru Tegh Bahadur) and ending of the Ardas (O Nanak, those who know their True Identity.

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The Sikh Rahit Maryada has published an approved version of the entire Ardas.

May the hearts of the Sikhs be humble, but their wisdom be exalted in the keeping of. May the minds of Sikhs remain humble, and their wisdom exalted.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Through the Power of Thy Bani, may the whole world be blessed to live in this way.

May they help us!

Ardās – Wikipedia

Where can I find English translation of ardas as done in Espanola same ardas? How is this lifestyle relevant today?

Centuries later, subjects demonstrated their loyalty and paid homage to their rulers by joining their hands. In either case, it should bring the Sangat back to this crucial remembrance of sacrifice and surrender; it should not become an empty ritual.


Sri Bhagouti ji Sahai May the respected sword God in the form of the Destroyer of evil doers help us! Gurmat Gyan Knowledge Articles in Iskh. Akharr daa ardaa ghaataa, bhull chukk maaf karnaa jee, sarbatt dae karaj raas karnae, Sae-ee piaarae maelo jinhaan’ miliaan’ Taeraa Naam chitt aavae.

Remember the Primal Power. An Ardas consists of three parts. Many ask for blessing for the Sihk Singh Sahib, whose sacrifice led so many thousands to the Feet of the Guru. E project n dis helps bares thks 2 who did dis godblessu wjkk wjkf bloe sohinall saatshri akaal.

Ardas – English Text with Meaning

Remember Holy Har Krishan, whose sight dispels all sorrows. Ravi Vasudev ravirajvasudev gmail. God, the Helper of the helpless, the Strength of the weak, the Supporter of the fallen, the true father of all.

Here is the opportunity for the personalized part of the Ardas when the speaker calls forth the particular purpose of the Ardas, the particular blessing zikh an individual, event, undertaking, or need of the sadh sangat. Allow the elbows to relax comfortably, your eyes should be closed wherever possible.

Thank u so much for this ardas I am trying to learn it and this helped me soo much. Hi Thank you for such a nice article.


What does it mean to live as a Sikh? It acts as a bridge that transgresses time to report the cruelties that have been inflicted upon the Sikh people while at the same time serving as a way for the Sikh people to seek guidance from Waheguru.

Ardas, ਅਰਦਾਸ – A Sikh Prayer in Gurmukhi text

Tulsi is a sacred plant which can be found in almost every Hindu house. Save us from lust, wrath, greed, pride and attachment; and keep us always and only. Anyone can offer the Ardaseither in English or the local language or in the original Gurmukhi. April 26, at 2: The person reciting the Ardas is representing the sadh sangat.

October 13, at It can be in poetic form or prose. Our Ardas is an elevation and a standing to our Khalsa values, and victory of the spirit. Anyone in the Sadh Sangat may offer the Ardas. Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.