Air-Cooled Steam Condensers Performance Test Codes A N A M E R I C A N N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D ASME PTC ASME. ASMEPTCRAir-Cooled Steam Condensers-This Code provides test methods for conducting and reporting thermal performance characteristics of. ASME PTC (R) Air-Cooled Steam Condensers This Code provides test methods for conducting and reporting thermal performance.

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The purpose of the performance test is to show that the ACC will meet the performance required at the con- trolling guarantee case. The performance test report shall include the individual identification and location for each instru- ment used in the test so that calibration history can be traced.

Calculate the standard deviation of the testcapability for the test runs, Qsme. These machines areessentially enormous radiators served by a multiplicity of fans that, compared to water-cooledcondensers, are relatively expensive and generally exhibit a poorer performance.

The calculation of the spatial uncertainty for air temperature is illustrated in Table C ASME does notapprove, certify, rate, or endorse any item, construction, proprietary device, or activity. Asme ptc 11 fans Science. Wheeler, Clean Air R. The estimated values of the test parameters form the base case. Estimates of systematic and random errorfor each of the axme test measurements shall beused to help determine the number and quality of testinstruments required for compliance with Code or con-tract specifications.

ASME PTC 30.1-2007.pdf

Additional test points not required by this Code may be included for reference purposes by mutual agreement between the parties to the test. Our representatives are ready to assist you in the following areas: The ACC acceptance test can be conducted with othertests, provided the limitations in subsection are met. This review will also assist in the establish-ment of the reliability of the test.

Unstable conditions can disqualify a test, asdefined in para. The error varies in a random, Gaussian normal manner, from measure- ment to measurement. Cases may be issued for the purpose of providing alternative rules when justified, to permit early implementation of an approved revision when the need is urgent, or to provide rules not covered by existing provisions.


Thedata underlying the curves in Fig.

ASME PTC 空气冷却蒸汽冷凝剂 – MBA智库文档

The mass balance should consider condensate pump discharge flow, ancillary drains, make-up water, condensate pump recirculation, other flows, and tank inventory change, as applicable. For informational and diagnostic purposes, withoutany implied bearing or impact to the test ame its results,ambient air dry-bulb temperature measurements maybe taken. Alternatively an ultrasonic flow meter may be uti-lized.

These instrumentsshall be hung 1 m below the top of the air inlet opening. This paragraph provides guidelines on theallowable deviations in operating conditions from thereference condition. Sequentially decrement each value of a testparameter by the increment defined in Step 4. Operating conditions must be asconstant as practical before the test run begins and shallbe maintained throughout the test run in order to mini-mize the associated random uncertainty.

Specific design conditions are denoted in the figure. Tpc instance, a condensate flowmeasurement with an orifice would includethe following elements: Mobile and Locomotive Cranes B Where this Code refers to National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST standards and cali- brations, those of other asmd national standards laboratories may be used as appropriate for the locale of the testing.

Subsequently a committee was formed and developed an appropriate Code after several years. Duringthe Board on Performance Test Codes had taken notice that air-cooled steamcondensers ACCs were assme largely installed on power plants at an increasing rate throughoutthe country and the world. If the performance data is provided in equation form, caution must be taken that the equations not be extrapolated beyond their range of applicability.

Except for a preliminary draft, the Code was not completed at that time due to the death of the Chair and he was its only Committee Member. Permissible adjustments during test pttc are those required to correct malfunctioning controls, maintain equipment in safe asm, or to maintain plant stabil- ity.


As such, users of this Code may interact with the Committee by requestinginterpretations, proposing revisions, and attending Committee meetings. Exhaust steam quality 0. Estimate the inlet airdry-bulb assme for the tests and use theACC performance curves to estimate the ACCpressure.

Furthermore, high wind velocities can lead towarm air recirculation, causing an additional degrada-tion of ACC performance. This is 59 implemented in two stages, the first being a coarse division of the domain into smaller regions.

To the extent possible, ancillary system drains flowing into 3.01 condensate tank or other parts of the ACC dur- ing the test shall be closed. This paragraph provides guidelines on the allowable deviations in operating conditions from the reference condition.

Campbell, Southern Company Services M. NTU Number of heat transfer units. Asme ptc 22 power pdf – ptc 22 power pdf This averaged data shall be used incalculations to determine thermal performance.

If measurements are not made at the guarantee loca-tion, corrections to the guarantee power location shallbe made by measurement of voltage drop or by compu-tation of loss between the two locations. Enterthe performance curve at the measured ACC pressureand inlet air temperature to find a steam mass flow rate. Adjustments to avoid corrections or to min- imize the magnitude of performance corrections are per- missible e.

Using steam tables or equivalent software determine the specific enthalpy and specific entropy of the low pressure turbine inlet steam. Steady-state conditions shall be obtained when the criteria of paras.