Schnurloses digitales DECT-Telefon mit Anrufbeantworter Cordless digital DECT telephone with answering machine Bedienungsanleitung Operating. Mon, 30 Jul GMT audioline dect pdf – View and Download. AUDIOLINE DECT manual online. DECT Cordless Telephone pdf. DownloadAudioline dect user manual. though I have say this shot basically replicates the behavior of the from what we ve seen. La empresa se nego.

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The feet of the base station do not normally leave any marks on the surface. Recording answers and message Display indication: Page – Switching on the answering machine remot Im Display erscheint das Symbol. Press the button to move to the next menu level.

Audioline dect 4800 User Manuals

If this number has already been saved in the phone book, the name of the caller will be displayed directly. If, however, your unit should develop a fault within the warranty period, please contact the shop where you bought your AUDIOLINE unit, taking with you your purchase receipt.

In addition, a memo can be left for other users. With this function, when dialling a particular phone number, a previously stored number audioilne inserted in front of the actual phone number.

Use the PIN code 0 0 0 0 for logging on. Safety prompt Further numbers on the caller audoline Number is deleted. The warranty period is 24 cect calculated from the day of purchase All defects, which are the result of material or manufacturing faults, will be rectified free of charge within the warranty period.


You will find further information on entering names in Chapter 5. Audiolkne phone numbers, each with 5 digits, can be stored and assigned. SAVE Number is saved. Text of the pre-recorded standard greeting message: The factory setting is TONE dialling. Inserting An Automatic Pause Taste deect 36 – Sonderfunktionen 8.

Accepting Calls Automatically – Special functions – Accepting calls automatically Incoming calls are accepted automatically when you lift the receiver from the base station. Do not use the handset in areas where there is a risk of explosion. When selecting and then select the required base FIXED, confirm with station by means of the number pad. For more information see Chapter 9. Your telephone has three signal tones that can be turned on or off.

Der Telefonbucheintrag wurde wieder gespeichert. It is therefore not possible to carry out the logging-off procedure using the handset that is to be logged off. Select the required option. For any claims under the warranty, please refer to your dealer.

Troubleshooting – Troubleshooting – 11 Troubleshooting If you have problems with your telephone, please check the following points first. If this number has already been saved in the phone book, the name of the caller will be displayed directly. Abmelden Von Handapparaten The Answering Machine – The answering machine – The answering machine The integral answering machine can digitally store up to 25 incoming messages with a total length of up to 9 minutes. The newly recorded messages will now be played back first.

The symbol will appear in the display.


You will find more information on caller display in Chapter 6. The two plugs must audibly click into place so that they do not fall out again.


Switching the handset on again: Each time a button on the handset is pressed, this is confirmed with a short signal tone. Place the base station on a flat and non-slip surface. Press the button to exit the current menu level and to move one step higher. Ihrer Familie, ein Memo hinterlassen.

If there is a pause of more than 3 seconds during recording, the call will automatically be terminated with a signal tone. R” Taste An Nebenstellenanlagen While you are listening to your greeting, press the button and then enter the three-digit PIN code. Now confirm with or cancel the deletion dct pressing twice. In accordance with these conditions, all claims under the warranty shall be made exclusively to your dealer. Alle anderen Anrufe klingeln einmal und werden dann direkt vom Anrufbeantworter angenommen.

If you should ever forget the PIN code, go to Chapter 8. External calls can be forwarded between handsets. Die Nummer hinter dem Namen zeigt, mit welcher Nummer das Mobilteil intern zu erreichen ist. Dieses Hinweissignal kann aus- oder eingeschaltet werden Werkseinstellung Aus. Audiolinee Conference Calls – Multiple handsets –