Based on Health Ministry of Republic of Indonesia regulation No/Menkes/ IX/ , Borat Acid and its compound is one of food additives that prohibited in. ANALISIS KANDUNGAN ZAT PENGAWET BORAKS PADA BAKSO YANG DISAJIKAN PADA KIOS BAKSO PERMANEN DI KECAMATAN MALALAYANG KOTA. Analisis Boraks pada Bakso Daging Sapi A dan B yang Dijual di Daerah Kenjeran Surabaya Menggunakan Spektrofotometri. Provided by: Neliti | Year:

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Some of the foods in which borax is often added are noodle, meatball, cracker. In stall sellers OR value was 2.

While the study of borax is undetectable contain borax, it indicated by the colour of the flame is not green, after the flame test there is no change of color on curcumin paper still yellow after the color test is done using curcumin paper. The responsibilities of employers or manufacturers as the economic actors that drive business improvement and provide the needs of the community and the consumers who use the goods and services to meet their needs, especially food.


This study was using meatballs group as a control and another meatballs group preserve with borax 0. In general, the goals of food development borraks to provide adequate and quality food, prevent the public from a type of food that is harmful to health. Show full item record.


How to cite item. How to cite item. Pencarian Pencarian This Collection.

Respondents observed were sellers. Food borals is always endeavored to produce preferable food and good quality products of food, one of the ways is by adding preservatives in some food products. Borax is a harmful compound to human health but sometimes was used illegally as preservative in meatball.

UJI KANDUNGAN BORAKS PADA BAKSO (Studi pada Warung Bakso di Kecamatan Sumbersari Kabupaten Jember

The method used is experimental research with laboratory approach that will be done with a baksl of try out. Population in this cross sectional study was all meatball sellers in housing area in the study area. User Username Password Remember me. Keywords Calcitriol Escherichia coli Haemonchus contortus Mus musculus Osteoporosis Staphylococcus aureus Trimetyltin antibiotics association cognitive gossypol hippocampus in vitro linear regression milk neuron cell ovariectomized rabies rat sheep vaccinator performance.

This reagen was developed as an easy kit to apply in the field. The purpose of research is to determine the content of borax and formaldehyde in meatballs sold at the Muhammadiyah University of Palangkaraya.

Faktor-faktor yang Mempengaruhi Penggunaan Boraks pada Bakso di Kecamatan Pondok Gede-bekasi

Keywords Borax; Carcinogenic; Meatball; Education. Inclusion criteria were sellers who make their own beef meatballs. Official Methods of Analysis.


Food security is the responsibility of all parties that is the government’s responsibility as manager of government which includes order, security, and a prosperous society.

This bakkso was a type of descriptive study using cross sectional approach. Borax detection was done by mixing 1ml Curcumax reagent into 1 ml meatball extract. Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages.

UJI KANDUNGAN BORAKS PADA BAKSO (Studi pada Warung Bakso di Kecamatan Sumbersari Kabupaten Jember

Keywords borax; meatballs; Curcumax; spectrophotometry. Article Metrics Abstract views: Comparative Study of Three Meethods. Ilmu Kimia untuk Universitas edisi keenam Jilid 2.

Article Tools Print this article. Email the author Login required. Health development is one of attempts to national development, held in all areas of life including the field of food. View original from journal. Although ii is hazardous to human health, its usage as food additive is still remain high, by the community, as preservative, also to enhance texture of meatball and kerupuk to be more elastic and enjoyable to consumer.

Email this article Login required. Meanwhile quantitative measurement by spectrophotometer more accurate than one.