ally a how-to book on copywriting that explains the science behind copy! I’m learning The formula for writing bullets is first to state the benefit and then follow. COPYWRITING – HOW TO CRAFT COMPELLING COPY. 2. Feel free to email, . And don’t forget to use plenty of bullets and numbered lists. Think your. Here is my list of the best copywriters and copywriting resources. Those guys were great, the pioneers of copy but they aren’t on this list. in the business, Gary is semi-retired now but his marketing bullets newsletter is still.

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You can listen to my interview with Bret here.

182 Greatest Copywriters and Copywriting Resources of the Internet Age

The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads which is written perhaps more from an agency perspective rather than a freelancers point of view, it even goes into how to write ads for TV and radio.

Chris is a great copywriter but his material is becoming hard to find as he moves away from copywriting and is now more involved the PUA niche.

Mark is the author of Copywriting: When I first started following Glenn 5 or 6 years back, he was very much focused on Adwords. The list of great copywriters over the last years would also make for a very big list.

Fast, Effective Sales Copy with David Garfinkel & Brian McLeod

Karl Blanks and Ben JessonConversion Rate Experts are an entire team of professional copywriters and conversion optimization experts. Kim is for hire and you can see her huge portfolio and collection of testimonials at her website. Most are still alive but not all of them but their impact on the copywriting world was recent.


You get the complete replay recording of each event – including the PDF slides from the presentation, an MP3 Audio version of the recording, and an enhanced PDF transcript of everything.

Bill covers various aspects of marketing, copywriting and also public speaking but direct response is at the core of it all. You’ll want to pour yourself a nice glass of your favorite drink and take a little time to kick back Richard was awarded Copywriter of the year Luke is the author of Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: They call their methodology persuasion architecture and that is what they teach in their books.

Tina is endorsed by some top marketers. Gary Halbert is arguably the cophwriting copywriter of the modern era, many of the copywriters on this list, credit the success of their careers to the guidance and mentoring given by this man.

Gary passed away in but his legacy lives on. Robert is the author of Winning Website Sales Letters: Jason is known as the copywriting prince and is the weapon of choice for a lot of top UK gurus. So the people on this list are modern day copywriters. He is also the creator of the Advanced Copywriting Seminar.

You can listen to my interview with Yanik Sliver here. Glenn is the author of Write Better Copy.


His blog is full of good info. Although not a copywritinng himself, Brian is a giant in the world of direct response. Roy is the author of the wizard of ads trilogy — The Wizard of Ads: He is also the creator of a video sales letter software 3x VSL Generator.

All of which means, there’s nobody quite like David when it comes to helping you create cash-generating copy quickly and easily.

Sally is the owner of Briar copywriting. Your investment is fully protected when you enroll in Fast Effective Copy As the Executive VP of Boardroom, Inc he is responsible for over mailing over 50 filetypd pieces of direct mail per year.

Greatest Copywriters and Copywriting Resources of the Internet Age

We’ve really gone ALL OUT to create an overwhelming amount of value for you, starting with the very first time you log into your member account Mike runs the Turning Words into Cash Ifletype.

Not to mention, you’re going to love his unique presentation style — he’s truly an original! Norma specializes in email copywriting.

He shares his copwyriting wisdom on his LinkedIn discussion group called Ask Drayton. You can see his blog here and you can listen to my interview with Peter here.