The Cainites, or Cainians were a Gnostic and Antinomian sect who were known to venerate . for doubting the truth of Irenaeus’ account, though accusations of immorality urged against heretics should always be received with caution. This is a beautiful book, I cannot stress that enough. Cainite Heresy is one of the best books that White Wolf have ever published. This book is paced full of. Thankfully, Cainite Heresy is more the latter than the former. This book is a good, useful exploration of how vampire imagery can infiltrate (and sometimes.

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But, is this just a spotlight on a random rpg product? Akodoken – Monday, 14th August, Imperial Rome decided that the best way to deal with this chaos was to co-opt it, rather than continue trying to crush it. This article needs additional citations for verification. Carpocrates, we are told, defended this practice by a theory of transmigration. Not that this doesn’t sound cool, because it does. Having read Dark Ages core book and some of the Novels, I was under the impression that Cainite Heresy was portrayed as dangerous sect, generally detrimental to cainige vampire cause.

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We hresy no ground to suppose that the Cainites held such a view, but they seem to have professed the belief that this fullness of experience was essential to salvation.

The oldest source is to be found in Irenaeus, adv. Free exclusively through TabletopGaming. In an alternate reality where no single religion gained monopoly, with many diverse and conflicting religions and cults coexising, it would be much easier for Cainites to rule openly, or at least not being hunted by mortals. Caknite of Cthulhu Just a random highlight of a product sirlarkins wanted to talk about.


Demon Cat Illuminated Dark Ages character sheets and more. There is no doubt that they applauded the action of Judas in the betrayal, but our authorities differ as to the motive which prompted him. Get Some Cards for Your Spokes: They claimed fellowship with EsauKorahthe men of Sodomand all such people, and regarded themselves as on that account persecuted by the Creator.

This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat Originally posted by Demon Cat View Post. The Cainites possessed a cainiet entitled The Gospel of Judas, and Irenaeus says that he had himself collected writings of theirs, where they advocated that the work of Hystera should be dissolved.

Ask Me Anything Curse of Strahd Le Jeu d’Adam 12th century Cain The confluance of religion, Road, Clan, regional culture, and personal interpretation can prompt serious soul-searching and many unresolved or conflicting ethical ideas. Unveiling The Cainite Heresy. Whenever any sin or vile action was performed by them, they asserted that an angel was present whom they invoked, claiming that they were fulfilling his operation.

Morrus – Monday, 14th August, It was necessary to pass through all experiences, and hence the soul had to pass from body to cqinite till the whole range of experience had been traversed. If, however, this could all be crowded into a single lifetime, then the transmigration became unnecessary.

Mead Fragments of a Faith Forgotten, p. Actually the CH issue got me wondering what geresy of forces were behind the rise of Christianity. Which makes many loosely Christian vampires either see it as Heresy or decide to follow it, its kinda depends on the individual.


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Cainites – Wikipedia

Search in titles only. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. They regarded Judas the traitor as having full cognizance of the truth.

Hsresy edited by Kale Fangblade ; He states that they taught, as did Carpocratesthat salvation could be attained only by passing through all experience.

They identified the Creator with the God of the Jews. TrippyHippy – Sunday, 13th August, Enevhar Aldarion – Monday, 14th August, Epiphanius also says that Judas forced the Archonsor rulers, cainitte their will to slay Christ, and thus assisted us to the heeesy of the Cross.

These movements are fairly popular with the urban poor and destitute, hresy rather strong followings at times. Not so much “news” as a “retrospective”. What follows is a recounting of that game. This is critical because they feel that the Antedeluvians repeating that exact same hubris will prompt Caine to return and save them from their elders before they are devoured.

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