The celebrated lower Cambrian Chengjiang biota of Yunnan Province, China, represents one of the most significant ever paleontological. Description. The celebrated lower Cambrian Chengjiang biota of Yunnan Province, China, represents one of the most significant ever paleontological. The Maotianshan Shales are a series of Early Cambrian deposits in the Chiungchussu Formation, famous for their Konservat Lagerst├Ątten, deposits known for the exceptional preservation of fossilized organisms or traces. The Maotianshan Shales form one of some forty Cambrian fossil locations The Chengjiang fossils comprise the oldest diverse metazoan assemblage.

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Beautifully illustrated, highly readable. Back fodsils copy The celebrated lower Cambrian Chengjiang biota of Yunnan Province, China, represents one of the most significant ever paleontological discoveries.

Efforts are underway to close the region to mining to support the county’s efforts to attain Heritage Status. The Priapulida are represented by Paleopriapulites, AcosmiaSicyophorusand others.

The Burgess Shale and the Rise of Animals. This chiba is not yet featured on Listopia. One worker allies it with Eldonia in the newly-erected class Eldonoidea. About one in eight animals are problematic forms of uncertain affinity, some of which may have been evolutionary experiments that survived for only a brief period as benthic environments rapidly changed in the Cambrian.

Perhaps the most important fossils from Chengjiang are eight possible members of phylum Chordatathe phylum to which all vertebrates belong. Tijdens deze periode zijn bijna alle voorlopers van belangrijke diersoorten ontstaan.

This fish-like animal has many similarities to Y. Stable and special funding for chenjiang ongoing management of the property is adequate fsosils address ongoing protection, promotion and presentation of the property.

Maotianshan Shales

The latter is somewhat less diverse c known chenjiang but has a similar ecological structure; consequently, the taxonomic similarities fossisl differences between the two are of particular evolutionary interest and significance.


As of Junesome species of organisms were described in the scientific literature. Douglas Palmer “The work is authoritative and highly illustrated; the high-quality illustrations were, and are, an immensely important aspect of the work.

Chris Green rated it liked it Apr 02, The priapulids were a common component of the Cambrian marine faunas throughout the world.

The Chengjiang Biota is an incredible lagerstatte by all measures, including the enormous diversity and early appearance in the fossil record, and also the exquisite degree of detail of the preservation of its specimens. This book presents in a similar fashion the amazing fossils of the Cambrian Period from southern China.

After 13 years, this completely revised edition reflects the significant amount of research that has taken place over the last decade or more on the remarkable Chengjiang lagerst?

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang, China: The faunal distribution spans across annelid worms, arthropods including trilobitesprimitive chordatesechinodermshemichordatesmedusiforms, priapulids worms and spongesand many more — see an up to date list of Chengjiang Biota here. In this geologically short interval almost all major groups of animals had their origins.

Displaying some figures of marvelous specimens, this book presents to professional and amateur paleontologists, and all those fascinated by evolutionary biology, the aesthetic and scientific quality of the Chengjiang fossils. World Heritage Map is loading. Many of the taxa represent the stem groups to extant phyla and throw light on characteristics that distinguish major taxonomic groups.

It was originally described as a medusiod named Stellostomites, but Simon Conway Morris considered it to be a species of Eldonia, a well-known component of the Burgess Shale.

As one of the few hard-shelled members of the fauna, the trilobites are represented by EoredlichiaKauyangia, Wutingaspis, Palaeolenus, and Yunnanaocephalus. Nonetheless, the Chengjiang biota retains the name of the location at which it was first discovered. Some scientists ally it with the Priapulida priapulid wormsand others with the paleoscolcid worms, indicative of the fact that the taxonomy of members of this fauna is still in a state of flux.


Some sponges have been preserved flat and current-aligned, indicative of some transport prior to burial, as is also the case for various burrowing worms.

Studies of the strata are consistent with a tropical environment with sea level changes and tectonic activity. The diverse geological evidence from the Chengjiang Fossil Site presents fossil remains of the highest quality of preservation and conveys a complete record of an early Cambrian marine community.

The Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang, China : Xian-Guang Hou :

Much of the scientific documentation of the Chengjiang biota is in Chinese, and the first edition of this book was the first in English to provide fossil enthusiasts with a comprehensive overview of the fauna.

The property thus provides a unique window of understanding into the structure of early Cambrian communities.

Some important locations are at Eriacun, Mafang, Haikou, and Kafuquing. They take their cambrin from Maotianshan Hill Chinese: No mining activities have actually impacted on the property itself and the ongoing commitment of County and Provincial governments to not open or re-open mines within the property or its buffer zone are critical to protect the values of the property.

Some examples are known, most of which are flattened imprints of lateral aspect.