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After studying medicine and biology in Maputo, he pasnada as a journalist. Besides writing, he is now a biologist and teaches at the Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo. He was among the six finalists of the Man Booker International Prize with his body of work and his novel Confession of the Lioness was shortlisted for the International Dublin Literary Award. His books have been published in over 30 countries.

The book can be read as a self-contained novel, but also picks up exactly where the second volume of the trilogy ended.

It continues the love story between the fifteen-year-old African woman Imani and the Portuguese sergeant Germano de Melo. But the two will not meet again in this life: For everyone but her, it will be a journey of no return.

After showing the defeated pas,ada to the people and the international press in Lisbon, the king of Gaza is deported to the Azores. Imani finds a foothold above all with Dabondi, the youngest woman Ngungunyanes, who is a kind of seer and speaks in parables.

Only after the fall of the monarchy in Portugal in does Imani return to her home village. On the return journey via Lisbon, she sees her son one last time. Mia Couto achieves the miracle of personalizing history. His language does not overwhelm and does not accuse. It astonishes, makes beauty and terror palpable and shows the abysmal strangeness inherent in such an unequal encounter of cultures.

To show this strangeness is perhaps the first step in dealing with the Other. Pasmadw the attack on his quarters, the defeated sergeant Germano de Melo needs to be taken to hospital. The only one within reach is along the river Inhambane, so Imani goes on an arduous river journey with her father and brother.

Meanwhile war rages around of them: Germano wants to start a new life with the young Imani, but the Portuguese military have other plans for the injured soldier. Imani’s father also has different plans for his daughter: With poetic beauty, Mia Couto points to the futility of war and the boundaries of cultures that are apparently foreign to each other; boundaries which entire societies, but also families and lovers, conceive as simultaneously in decline, and yet still existent.

One of the richest and most important authors in Pzsmada. It is not possible to catch the wind with a sieve. There he encounters Imani, a year-old girl who helps him with her language skills, and a people torn between two sides: Slowly and with all their differences, Imani and Germano are drawn to each other.


But in a country haunted by chuvq and war, the only hope for a woman is to remain unnoticed, as if made of shadows and ashes.

In his characteristically beautiful prose and alternating between the voices of Inami and Germano, Mia Couto gives us a vivid and unsettling account of a Mozambique at war at the end of the 19th century. A rich historical tale that recalls Marquez and Achebe.

An excellent novel, a fascinating, intricate story.


There he slowly discovers the darkest secrets of its inhabitants, victims of brutality and inhuman traditions.

Based on true facts and written in atmospheric language, Confession of the Lioness skilfully interweaves the enthralling stories of Arcanjo. Have a look at an English extract on bookanista here!

Fiction brings us closer to the truth here than mere facts ever could. Somber and masterfully wrought. Myths, magic, tradition and reality intersect to the extent that it becomes difficult to tell them apart. A story in which anything can be true, even dreams.

The word-magician stands before us. The captivating chronicle of a village, whose language unfolds with great suggestive power. Mwanito and his father Silvestre live far removed from civilization when suddenly a woman appears to disturb their peaceful world, bringing them back to the city.

There, Mwanito finally finds out how his mother died and what drove his father to insanity and into the wilderness. A powerful story about oblivion and how we deal with pain and guilt.

A kind of magic realism with African roots that will enthral the reader. She is Bartolomeu and Munda’s daughter, allegedly away on a trip.

A Chuva Pasmada by Mia Couto on Apple Books

He becomes a kind of mediator between the old couple, who cguva and fight although they still love each other. The administrator maintains she died of AIDS. In African narrative tradition, the truth is just as important as its many variations. This book is a beautiful illustration of how people pasmadq illusions around themselves so that they do not have to die.

Mwadia is keen to bring the statue to Vila Longe, her place of birth, to keep it in a secure place. She is delighted to return to the cuva where she was born. On pages of ever-shifting tone and colour, narratives of the present alternate with stories from the past. It was his gift for the ruler of the mythical realm of Monomotapa and was to convert the people to Christianity.

lusoafinidades | mia couto in “chuva pasmada” | Fábio Dias | Flickr

On the ship, which also carries slaves, he is accompanied by the young priest Manuel Antunes, who in the course of the crossing speaks out against the inhumane handling of the slaves. A lively picture emerges from colonial times up to the present chkva. Its scenario is the battle for survival in the civil war in Mozambique.


After his first volume of poems Couto published several short story collections and oasmada. But only for a time: This is a poetic and beautifully illustrated book about how ingenuity and courage can change the world. Suddenly, in an African village, the rain does not fall, it is suspended, “amazed”, says a little boy pasmadx the village. The river is also drying up. Is it the fault of a factory nearby? What role do the old myths and legends play here? Can the cloud senders solve the problem?

Books are not pasmxda to be written for children. We will barely be old enough to live in stories. Delighted, like the characters in this little book. The girl was too weak for the journey, but her brother Zeca Zonzo found a way to take her to see the sea. The magic power of words is the theme of this second book for children by Mia Couto, once again with magnificent illustrations by Danuta Wojciechowska.

Chhva, a kitten, is always being warned by his mother not to step beyond the borders of lasmada day. But he, crazy to discover what hides under the shadow of the night, decides to venture out and ends up having an unusual encounter with the dark. When he returns to the light of day, he discovers that his coat, previously yellow with little spots, is now black as night, and he is terrified.

With his mother’s help, however, he realizes that the fear of the dark, in fact, is the fear of the “dark ideas pasmafa have about the dark”. In the words of the author: Caminhop. Shortlisted for the International Dublin Literary Award Shortlisted for the Man Booker International Prize Film rights under option. Caminho2 25 p.

Feature film released in Feature Chuvq, Pandora Albin Michel avail. O fio das missangas. Na berma de nenhuma estrada. Caminho,p. E se Obama fosse africano?

Caminho99 p. Caminho, forthcoming October27 p. Caminho29 p. Caminho74 p. Caminho72 p. Based on true facts chhva written in atmospheric language, Confession of the Lioness skilfully interweaves the enthralling stories of Arcanjo and his former lover Mariamar, constantly surprising the reader with unexpected twists and turns. Ler A story in which anything can be true, even dreams. English translation available Brazil: Film rights under option Brazil: Feature film released in Brazil: Feature Film, Pandora Brazil: O fio das missangas Lisbon: Caminhop Canada: Tradutor de Chuvas Lisbon: