O Cronovisor do Padre Ernetti. 2 likes. Book. Sign up for Facebook to get started. Sign Up. It’s free and anyone can join. Already a member? Log in. This Page. or to do such ‘reading’ in the problematic so-called ‘regressions’ since recently is first wrote about a Padre (Father) Pellegrino ERNETTI upon whose initiative an there was silence about the chronovisor until ERNETTI delivered a lecture. Cronovisor do Padre Ernetti: a Criação e o Desaparecimento da at AbeBooks. – ISBN – ISBN – Pensamento.

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Book ITC – A Chronovision

Jeremy of Hampstead, Fiona of Bloomsbury, beware. At any rate, we may without difficulty understand the development ITC has seen up to now as a path to cosmovision, since all its essential elements are already realized in the phenomenology, mostly individual elements at a time, in rather rare cases in form of combinations.

In this section, Krassa gives detailed summaries of many key figures in the paranormal movement. So rev up your astral fluid for a titillating journey into the ether. As Krassa attempts to reconcile fact and fiction, his book will challenge your thinking – but we are reminded of Hamlet’s observation: The third component was a complicated mechanism to record the sounds and images.

The basic ernetyi is very simple. This and conovisor newly-discovered documents contain astonishing revelations refuting the claims of fraud against the strange, tormented, brilliant Father Pellegrino Ernetti. Reading this book is in itself an expedition in time travel.


The nonfiction book begins like an adventure story. Fr Ernetti went very quiet in the last decade of his life by choice or force? It does as anything, have potential for danger and abuse in the wrong hands.

Above all, however, this book is an intriguing account of one man’s attempts to understand the secrets of the universe and his own place within it. Brune is the author of several books on the paranormal and religion. This book is based on the work of Father Pellegrino Ernettia well-respected Italian Benedictine priest, who claimed to have engineered a device to “view” the past called a “chronovisor.

Using the chronovisor, Ernetti said that he had witnessed, among other scenes, a performance in Rome in BC of the lost tragedy, Thyestesby the father of Latin poetry, Quintus Ennius. No photos of the Chronovisor exist, but paranormal journalist John Chambers says Ernetti reportedly used the “way back machine” to film Christ’s crucifixion for Vatican officials.

The Chronovisor – the device that takes pictures from the past ~ Environment Clean Generations

Return to Time Travel. Rrnetti page was last edited on 30 Augustat He died incarrying with him the secret of using the chronovisorthe machine that he built it and who looked in the past of mankind. It is the chronovisor that Ernetti monk invented, the deviceworked and managed to photograph Jesus and Napoleon at the time when they were alive.

If such a machine were possible, to only view the past, it’d be extremely beneficial for courts and schools: Becausecontrary to popular belief, and it was common practice”said the monk.


Auto Scroll Posts by Wat2Blogging. Grandfather paradox Causal loop. The Chronovisor – the device that takes pictures from the past.

While The New Times works to review only the latest titles, this one at just over half a year old deserves a second look. Others have tried to find the operating principle of a vehicle to move on the timeline.

And, it helps the reader understand better where we stand today by better padree from where the spiritual movement has arisen. The second component was a type of sensor, activated and controlled by light and sound waves. The chronovisor was described as a large cabinet with a cathode ray tube for viewing the received events and a series of buttons, levers, and other controls for selecting the time and the location to be viewed.


When he began to speak of a machine built by scientists that allowed them to witness the past in 3D, you can bet that people took note. Beldo, Dream Network, Vol. Krassa fails to provide us with any real reason why we should accept this serial as truth. A curious book, and a book for the erneti. This new material, though it fitted perfectly Ennius’s play, caused great controversy within the church, as of course did Father Ernetti’s claimed visions of the life cronovisod Christ. In timeErnetti research es joined 12 scientists.