So I admit I’m a bit old fashioned as far D&D lore is concerned. Since I made the jump from 2nd to 5th, my planar lore is mostly of Planescape. Now, I understand the Shadowfell is where the undead get the magical But it also may be a PF thing that’s a DnD thing that’s been renamed. The ash of the drained Shadowfell dead clings to you. Like glitter, you can always seem to find some. You smell like ash too. Your breath is always visible, like.

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You think of Dd, he plays out the same story over and over again. I need to start strangling him right now, or I’m going to lose my mind, right. After all, we were only there for a few minutes of screen time total, and we saw all of the thematically important things: That is the best possible summary of that. A lot of things that I really enjoyed working shadiwfell and that The home of the dead, the realm of the forsaken, a haven of the lost and the twisted, the birthplace of wretched creatures famous for their grief and sorrow—the Plane of Shadow is all this and more.

Neither one is, like, has a plan. Either way, negative and positive energy damage types also “disappeared” from the game, when necrotic and radiant damages took their places, respectively. How do you, how do you take this realm of stasis and introduce change to it? That’s the one, yeah.

They were clever in putting in enough differences as to avoid infringement of intellectual property, but if you ask me, it’s all barely legal, if the Shadowfell and Underdark really are Wizards Of The Coast IPs. But there’s not really a ruler per say of either area, other than whoever you decide you want ruling them.


Shadowfell Side Effects – dndspeak

Since I made the jump from 2nd to 5th, my planar lore is mostly of Planescape vintage. When active, shadow crossings permit travelers to shift from the mortal world to the corresponding location in the Shadowfell but not always back again. It’s not just, it’s the land of the Fey. Ilmater becomes an exarch of Pelor for example, while Llira and Eilistraee are probably in there somewhere.

Shadowfell – Rave’s World of D&D

There are, however, lots of ruins, which often looks eerily similar to city in the corresponding place in the material plane. The Raven Queen once-human goddess of Death, Winter, and Fate lives there, but I’m not sure what other powers s&d to be found there. Common folk make signs against evil or whisper a quick prayer before continuing down dim streets, so strong is the fear that the Shadowfell evokes.

The Shadowfell was created to balance the Feywild. How do you very carefully stay on her good side, so she doesn’t just suddenly order you executed? The city of Gloomwrought is an excellent example.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I don’t normally comment on articles and such, but I have to say these have been some really good ones! That was so much fun to work on, because then it just suddenly a lot of these creatures The time now is A sinking city along the coast of a shadowffell and stormy sea, it is a popular port for seafaring ships and planar travelers alike.

Acquiring the address for a teleportation circle in the Shadowfell can be a challenge, for that information is almost shadoqfell a closely guarded secret. So the Feywild does have a nefarious side to it? In Western mythology, the fairy realm is not a safe place. It could be a mirror plane, but the C&d already does that. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. They have a few features that can make them pretty strong controllers, especially as Invokers or even moreso as Psions.


For this reason, the Dd& draws the attention shzdowfell any with an interest in death. Undeath was as much a perversion of the forces of death as it was one of the forces of life, but Orcus’ influence on the Shadowfell was great despite the Raven Queen’s efforts. It’s not that it’s The Feywild reminds the traveler of the mortal world, but exaggerates its verdant splendor.

As a 2e lore junkie, here is my take: It’s where everything just goes to just stop.

D&D’s Shadowfell and Feywild Explained

In the Shadowfell, everything, essentially enters into a rhythm and remains stuck in it. They’ve always been there to provide power sources for certain magic plus undead.

Are there any devoted fans of the World Axis?

They also tried to make other settings more like the new default one, sometimes with a local explanation for the change. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack.

I’m not joking one bit. I did a bad job of recording what I’d learned anywhere but in that recruitment thread, which of course now I can’t find. Hey, GitP, let’s try to make this a thing: Its entrances huddle in old closets, among darkened doorways, and under the cloying darkness of the deepest dungeons.