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Pick up the Baton from next to the seat by Patient Room 5. The man turns around while standing in front of the elevator doors Dr.

This boss can be defeated with melee attacks as well. Run back down the outside hall and open the door to the Men’s Dressing Room. Type in the register combination at the store register then take the Bookstore Key and unlock the back door then exit to the other side of the store Enter the General Store on the south side of Crichton St. Constantly run away from her and turn to fire a few shots from the shotgun or target pistol. Notice all the child drawings hanging up along the walls.

Walk back the other way and move through the opening in the wall – you’ll have to interact with it. Under the door to the Doctor’s Office – walk straight ahead after entering and it’s the door on the left. If you recall, the door to the Women’s Restroom was locked from the inside when Travis first entered the hospital.

Once the credits roll, save your clear file data. Both items are on the basement floor across from the basement door – on the chair and near a wooden column.

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Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

That thing that stole your body The assault rifle can use up ammo rather quickly, so don’t use it very often. Move along the path and enter the courtyard then work your way past all the enemies among the trees and enter the Cedar Grove Sanitarium.

Of course you did. You mind if we stop for a moment.

Instead of merely telling you the solution to a particular puzzle I provide hints instead of outright spoiling it, so I will try to point you in hkll right direction before I give you the lowdown. There are several more items along the sides of the theater.

Touch the long mirror that hangs over the sink counter to go back to the normal world.

Enter the Storage Room in this corridor before leaving and collect the items inside. Received automatically after the cutscene where Travis wakes on a bench in Silent Hill Hospital Map Area: Who’d I just pass there? Sanitarium — – TYPE: If it isn’t then email me and it will be. Rooms 1, 3, and 5 can be entered. Walk over to the front oigins the Artaud Theater and use the Theater Ticket at the box office counter.


Be sure to save your game at the save point in between Patient Rooms 4 and 3. Is there detonaeo hospital? Pick up the Light Detonad to the right of the bed – these type of items blend in well with the background. Could you help me? Be sure that you want to actually enter the gate once Travis makes his way over to it because a big Carrion will likely trap Travis in the small path and bar his escape.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

There is no door separating the rest of the motel from Rooms – so head around the corner in the south. She must have been brought here.

On the right counter behind the main counter Altered Police Report Area: Some music will play once they’re on that will signify that this building is almost rapped up.

Daddy said you were dead. Exit the room through the west side then run across the stage, through the Storage Room, up the detpnado in the Auditorium and reenter the Front Lobby.