This text explains in detail the meaning of death. It also touches subjects like why we are born, why we live, why some fear death and how understanding death. Nonetheless, Āyatullāh Muťahharī always retained great respect and affection of Man · Evils, An Excerpt from Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari’s Divine Justice. Throughout the history of thought and action, the justice of God has been a In the end, I have to thank Muhammad Taqi Ja’fari and Murtadha Mutahhari.

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Death, An Excerpt from Murtadha Mutahhari’s Divine Justice

Juxtice, the ultimate and real absolute, which is a reality free of every condition, cause, divlne limitation, is the Divine Essence, and it is from this perspective that the necessity of His Essence is an pre-eternal necessity and not an essential necessity in its conventional meaning.

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But in terms of Divine Justice, the problem of evil takes a different form. In reality, the dualists wished to exonerate God of evil, and ended up charging Him with having an associate. A wolf is bad for a sheep, but not for itself or for a plant [for example]; just as a sheep, with respect to a plant that it eats and destroys, is bad, but with respect to itself, human beings, or a wolf [for example], it is juztice bad. Each time, you explained the same point without adding or subtracting anything.

When we say that a body is small, we have to see in comparison to mutajhari thing or relative to what thing we call it small. I did a quick search and found this http: Knowledgeable people, before they acquire knowledge, are ignorant; when they acquire knowledge, they don’t lose anything; they only acquire something.

A real attribute is one for which it is sufficient to posit a thing and that attribute in order for it to be possible for that thing to be described by that attribute.

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The dualists have been unable to harmonize belief in the unlimited power and unchallenged will of God and His uncontested decree with belief in His Wisdom, Justice, and Goodness. This too is in comparison to other watermelons.

The answer that philosophers have given to the issue of evils includes three parts: Knowledge is a reality and an actual perfection, but ignorance is not a reality. Sometimes relativity is used in opposition to absoluteness; in this case it means that the actuality of a thing depends on a series of conditions; and absoluteness means freedom from jhstice series of conditions. I’m looking for the english translation of this book.

Foreword | Divine Justice or The Problem of Evil |

Thus, in being itself there is no overruling duality for the idea of two sources of being to take root. It might be easier for anyone currently in the UK. This is why a body that loses the attribute of life and turns into an inanimate object has descended, not ascended.

Evil is in those casualties and losses. And since every condition is good and not evil, one must always be satisfied with the current situation, and must rather consider it the best possible condition.

I’ve been looking for it for months and can’t find anywhere that has it as a hard copy. We also call a particular watermelon small.

View this page in our App. Or is there one or rather several goodnesses hidden in every evil, muahhari evil producing one or several goodnesses? The second part has become clear in the course of the first part and will become clearer in jjustice follows, and the third part requires greater discussion, and we will discuss it in depth in the next section.

I had the book but it was destroyed in a basement flood. Mormons 1 2 3 By IslandsandmirrorsFriday at This same watermelon which we view and call very small is bigger than that big apple, but since we compare it to watermelons and not apples, we call it small.

Spiritual Discourses | Books on Islam and Muslims |

Illnesses, storms, fires, and earthquakes are of this type. Attributes by which things are described are of mutahhagi types: If a beast of prey were to exist but not to prey [on other things], that is, if it were not to cause loss of life for anything, it would not be evil, and if it exists and loss of life takes place, it is evil. When we say that light emanates from the originating centre, one cannot ask where the shadow has emanated from and what the centre of darkness is.


The same applies with regard to moral actions and ugly qualities. All Activity Home Book Request: In such cases, what is evil is evil with respect to one or several specific things.

Spiritual Discourses

Then you repeat it once, and again for a third and fourth time. Consider the size of a large ant which is so large that you put your dovine to your lip in wonder and the size of a very small camel whose small size you wonder at. Our Method Using the same material that Islamic philosophers have mentioned in this discussion, we have engaged in answering the problem of evils in a new fashion.

That is, is this world possible without these deficiencies, or are they inseparable corollaries of this world, with their non-existence being equivalent to the non-existence of the world?

Instead, being, inasmuch as it is being, is good; jusrice non-being, inasmuch as it is non-being, is evil; beings can be evil inasmuch as they are coupled with non-beings or are the sources of non-beings. The basis of the objection of the dualists and their supporters—as have also indicated previously—is that if existing things in their essence are of two types—good and evil—they must necessarily originate from two types of sources, so that both goodnesses and evils relate to a separate creator.