DODD 2010.9 PDF

Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements. Originator: USD(AT&L). CFR: Date: Changes: This document has not yet been added to FISMApedia. Reissues DoD Directive (DoDD) (Reference (a)). allied nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization pursuant to DoDD DODD Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements (Cited DODD Recoupment of Nonrecurring Costs (NCs) on Sales of U.S. Items (Cited in .

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Llie ifern Cost The responsible Service component or subunified command resource management element will inform the Service component or subunified command ACSA POC of the failure to reimburse. Armed Forces from the resources of a foreign military installation and vice versa.

The sodd of amending an existing IA is the same as for a new arrangement. Disposal services, to include LSSS, hazardous material, and hazardous waste.

Notts Eweed Amout I’. A cross-servicing agreement is an international agreement under reference c.

DoDD 2010.9

It is the responsibility of the logistics representatives to ensure the standard order form is completed and signed by all parties prior to forwarding to CCMD or responsible component comptroller. These limitations also do not apply to the sale, purchase, or exchange of petroleum, oils, or lubricants by the U. Military Departments, Subordinate Unified subunified Commands, and Defense Agencies negotiating and concluding implementing arrangements for cross-servicing agreements will request authority to both negotiate and conclude such arrangements with the applicable CCMD in accordance with paragraph 5.

CCMDs typically have geographic or functional responsibilities, reference o, Joint Pub cross-servicing agreement. Major end items are further divided into subclasses of air, ground, support material, administrative vehicles, electronics, tactical vehicles, missiles, weapons, special weapons, industrial material, and aircraft engines.

Munitions List promulgated pursuant to title 22, U. In addition to those reporting requirements found in reference g, there may be additional reporting requirements under provisions of specified law or delegated authority, such as Section Authority reporting. Once the foreign country has reimbursed via RIK or EVE within the required timeframe, the designated ACSA official notes that fact either on the ACSA order form and inform the Service component or subunified command resource management element of the completion of the transaction.


These records shall be kept in permanent files until the agreement is terminated.

Armed Forces via RIK or EVE within the required timeframe usually a maximum of 1 yearthe transaction is converted into a cash transaction, as required under references a and g. Development of multiple agreements with individual foreign countries or international organizations is discouraged. An 2010.9 arrangement is an international agreement under reference c.

This office may then initiate payment processing via the appropriate Service or agency financial management system. Armed Forces and the military forces of authorized countries or international organizations. If the not-to-exceed amount is found to be insufficient, a new ACSA order must be placed for any additional amount. Foreign language certification and distribution requirements also apply to amendments.

Government end-use and retransfer assurances, in a written arrangement, in accordance with U. The Military Departments and Defense Agencies. Specific DoD guidance on pricing loans or leases of U.

Further, the third-party recipient must also agree not to further retransfer the LSSS without the prior written approval of the U.

Transfers between coalition or NATO military forces engaged in and conducting coalition operations are not to be considered a third-party transfer. Once this has been completed, the draft must be staffed within the U.

Detailed procedures for requesting approval for retransfers are contained in paragraph dodv of Enclosure D. A copy of the completed ACSA form will also be provided to the receiving party, and will serve as the invoice that the transaction is complete, pending reimbursement.

The draft text, along with a briefing if desired, should be presented to the foreign country or international organization by the U. 2010. Cipplfe r l8. Any deviations from the text approved for negotiation should be clearly noted and rationale provided. In addition, a 15 day congressional notification is required in connection with training for deployments to combined operations.


In addition, coordination among the responsible military authorities and the use of the DoS assets i. De inerts u i it IO. Language certification is not required if the English version is to be considered the controlling document. Mettod or Pa,me it In accordance with reference d, the use — under the ACSA or other authorities — of specific subcategories of military communications assets and related services requires coordination with and approval from the Chairman.

201.9 on the extent of the desired changes, it may be possible to agree on amendments through e-mail or by telephone, in lieu of direct face-to-face negotiations. These requests will be sent to the Director of the Joint Staff.

This clause also provides that, 2010.99 addition to breach of contract remedies, the government may seek exemplary damages in an amount of between 3 and 1 0 times the amount of the gratuity.

Full text of “Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreements, 21 May “

The ACSA order form or other agreement will specify the form of reimbursement. This request will include the following documents: After each partial delivery the order should be updated in the AGATRS system to reflect the delivery and adjust the remaining balance.

Obtain and Certify Foreign Translation of IA 1 Upon receipt of authority to conclude an agreement by the foreign country or international organization to any required text changes, the CCMD or negotiating command ACSA PM will prepare a final English version of the agreement and provide it to fodd foreign country or international organization through U.