The Vigor series is DrayTek’s flagship premium ADSL router/firewall family. Packed with features, the Vigor offers truly comprehensive ADSL. IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not upgrade directly from (and earlier) to Due to differences in the Web UI and functionality the router MUST first be. DrayTek Vigorn download manual. Vigorn User Manual. This page contains the user manual in PDF form for the DrayTek Vigorn router.

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It allows you to specify where the time of the router should be inquired from. The manal common case is that you may want to connect to network securely, such as the remote branch office and headquarter.

Below is an example of service type objects settings. Mabual Filter – Ddraytek there is no existing Internet connection, Call Filter is applied to all traffic, all of which should be outgoing. Url Content Filter In addition, if you want to use the IP range from defined groups or objects, please choose Group and Objects as the Address Type. All the PCs connected this router can print documents via the router.

Page 98 However, each node may take different attitude toward packets with high priority marking since it may bind with the business deal of SLA among different DS domain owners. Set to Factory Default Click the number under Index column for settings in detail. You can find the summary table of all VPN connections.

Page 25 Note 1: 282 adding a new service type, click Add to open the following page. The UPnP Universal Plug and Play protocol is supported to bring to network connected devices the ease of installation and configuration which is already available for directly connected PC peripherals with the existing Windows ‘Plug and Play’ system.


Type in all the information that your ISP provides for this protocol. Page 23 Now, your system will ask you to choose right name of the printer that you installed onto the router.

There is a code summary below for explanation. The default gateway IP address of the router is Service Type Object Click Save button to open another dialog for saving configuration as a file.

DrayTek Vigor-2820n User Manual

Application And Examples The system allows you to set up to eight channels which are ready for choosing as the first PVC line that will be used as multi-PVCs. Click Manuaal button to choose draytsk correct configuration file for uploading to the router. Hundreds of millions of people exchange information every day via wireless communication products. Assuming the Internet access has been configured and the router works properly: It creates a private subnet of your own.

Each filter set is composed by 7 filter rules, which can be further defined. In addition, you can further set up Callback function below. This manual also for: Trouble Shooting This section will guide you to solve abnormal situations if you cannot access into the Internet after installing the router and finishing the web configuration. If you want to reboot the 8220 using the current configuration, check Using current configuration and click OK.

This page allows drautek to manage the settings for access control, access list, port setup, and SMP setup. Go to Remote Dial-In User. If it still fails, it might be the compliance problem of system.


In the following dialog, type Click Diagnostics and click Dial-out Trigger to open the web page. For any questions, please feel free to send e-mail to support draytek.


This is because these applications will block the accessing ability of some network ports. Use Browse… to find out the saved text file. Double click on manjal current used MacOs on the desktop.

Here is an example of setting Static Route in Main Router so that user A and B locating in different subnet can talk to each other via the router. A Virtual Private Network Manuwl is the extension of a private network that encompasses links across shared or public networks like the Internet. It is a protocol for connecting two access points AP draytel.

Page To add a new service type, edit or delete an existed service type, please click the Edit link under Service Type field.

Index of /ftp/Vigor2820/Manual

Click Local printer attached to this computer and click Next. Go to Certificate Management and choose Local Certificate. Don’t have an account? Quality Of Service Page of Go. Vigor router will exchange routing information with neighboring routers using the RIP to accomplish IP routing. Copyright Information Web registration is preferred. Calling Via Sip Sever Quick Start Wizard If your router can be under an environment with high speed NAT, the manuual provide here can help you to deploy and use the router quickly.

The firewall of the Vigor router helps to protect your local network against attack from unauthorized outsiders.