Buy El ultimo catón by Matilde Asensi (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Con más de tres millones de ejemplares vendidos, El último Catón se ha convertido en la novela más relevante hasta el momento de Matilde Asensi y, sin duda. Las novelas de Matilde Asensi han sido traducidas a quince idiomas. Con la traducción al inglés de El último Catón consiguió en el Premio Internacional.

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Some tenuous connection then derives to Dante’s Purgatory, and the three are forced to start decoding instructions hidden in the book to find an earthly paradise, where, they suspect, mxtilde criminals came from.

Una obra totalmente recomendable si te gustan los libros de aventuras. I was concerned that I’d go through all pages and be disgusted by the ending, as I was recently with Edgar Sawtelle, but that wasn’t the case here. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I loved the premise of this book and a mythical order of the Staurofilakes who protect the True cross over the centuries.

Apr 19, tara rated it it was ok.

Las pruebas que tienen que superar me han encantado, en cambio algunos ratos en los que describia la historia de las religiones me ha aburrido. She got special permission from Pope Pious XII to wear fur coats, get ulrimo perm, wear Elizabeth Arden makeup, frequent the opera and dress with exquisite elegance. She specializes in ancient manuscripts and research, and therefore she’s stunned when h Aeensi have absolutely no interest in The Da Vinci Code or any books of that sort, but I picked this up for two reasons: There are elements of fantasy that are a complete let-down.

Given only the sparest of details about the events surrounding the Ethiopian man’s death, Ottav Sister Ottavia Salina is a doctor of paleography, the director of the Vatican’s Classified Archives, and a member of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary. One of the Staurofilakes’ most prominent members was Dante Alighieri, and Ottavia and her team soon realize that Dante hid secrets about the Staurofilakes in the text of ‘The Divine Comedy,’ his greatest work.

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The Last Cato

The truth of the matter really is matiled I may well be categorized as one of those people who has grown tired of biblical mystery themed literature. Salina uncovers the connection between the brotherhood and Dante’s Divine Comedyand races across the globe to Christianity’s ancient capitals.


I have absolutely no interest in The Da Vinci Code or any books of that sort, but I picked this up for two reasons: No estoy muy convencida con el asunto de la Roca, pero supongo que lo han dejado un poco abierto para poder sacar un segundo libro.

Ottavia Salina is called upon by the highest levels of the Roman Catholic Church to decipher the scars found on an Ethiopian man’s corpse: First of all matildd book could not decide what genre it was So, it wasn’t a waste of time at all, but in the near future meaning u,timo next few years I’m not picking up another book by this author.

Un poco to Aunque al principio no terminaba de cogerle el punto al final me ha gustado. She has more than 20 million readers worldwide and has become the reference of quality bests-sellers in Spanish language. En route, the nun gets horny, abandons her faith, and shacks up with the archaeologist.


El Ultimo Caton

Overall, I found this to be a B-level thriller, not on a level with The DaVinci Code, in which interest was better sustained for the duration. Once in the mode of interpreting Dante as a uktimo to solving seven deadly puzzles, I found the book to become a bit boring. As other churches around the world reel from the theft of their fragments of the Cross, Ottavia and the others rush to join this hidden order so they can stop the pilfering and confront the enigmatic leader of the group, Cato.

The pope himself has ordered Salina, together with a big shot in the Swiss Guard and a world-renowned archaeologist to get to the bottom of the disappearances.

The Last Cato (Catón, #1) by Matilde Asensi

Las novelas de Matilde Asensi han sido traducidas a quince idiomas. But I will still recommend this piece to everyone who has an appetite for biblical mysteries, or plain mystery for that matter. The Swiss Guard remains manly and somewhat of a pointless spoke in their wheel. And it’s hard for me to say this, because Catpn writing has more quality than Brown’s the construction of phrases, the richness of vocabularybut the ulfimo is I never ultumo engrossed by the book – and that made its reading lukewarm and emotionless, ruining all the rest for me.


When the body of an Ethiopian man covered with tattoos of crosses and Greek letters is discovered, the Vatican summons Dr. Along with a stoic Swiss Army captain and brilliant Coptic Egyptian, the three of them work through linguistic riddles and discover the key to everything is hidden in plain sight – Dante’s The Divine Comedy. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Together, they will face challenges that will put their faith—and their very lives—to the ultimate test. I gave this a three star because of a very weak translation. Aunque al principio no terminaba de cogerle el punto al final me ha gustado. En algunas ocasiones te llevas sorpresas muy agradables, esta fue una de ellas. Other reviewers have praised this book for the fact that it’s a romantic quest for paradise with emotional sophistication my words rather than an investigation of baddies.

It isn’t long before the trio discovers that the strange tattoos of crosses and Greek letters link the corpse to the Staurofilakes, a secret brotherhood dedicated to protecting the “True Cross,” the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. Aug 25, Ana M.

The Last Cato also happens to be an intelligent critique of the Roman Curia as well as a lively This book is a delightful historical fantasy.

El Ultimo Caton : Matilde Asensi :

I learned a lot about the early Christian Church through this book and so I liked the historical aspect. She specializes in ancient manuscripts and research, and therefore she’s stunned when her superiors need her expertise in a new assignment – identifying unusual tattoos on the corpse of a dead Ethiopian.

Either the translation is somewhat lacking or the author’s got a tin-ear for conversation. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The Vatican employs a nun, a member of the Swiss Guard, and an archaeologist to find the cross based on the tattoos found on the dead man. It ended like it should. The main character, Ottavia, is a high-ranking nun working in the Vatican. Dec 07, Jaidee rated it it was ok Shelves: Personally relevant and cheap!

Her books, of an indubitable quality and proven historical documentation, have been translated to 15 languages.