12 Scaling Presentation Switcher. IN User Guide. Scalers and Scan .. The Extron IN is an eight-input video and stereo audio switcher that. The IN is an economical, eight input video and RGB presentation switcher that also provides high quality upscaling and downscaling for a wide variety of. This guide provides quick start instructions for an experienced installer to set up and operate the Extron IN Scaling Presentation Switcher. Installation and.

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Blanking AreaActiveAreaTotal PixelsFigure — Incorrect total pixels variableThese lines appear as fuzzy vertical bars when an alternating pixels pattern isapplied. Tabletop useAttach a self-adhesive rubber foot to each corner of the bottom of the switcher. No other accessories included. Extron Video Production Switchers.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

This connection makessoftware control of the switcher possible. For more enhanced, professional presentations, the IN includes seamless switching between video and RGB inputs with selectable cut or fade to black transitions. Audio outputs — The switcher provides an unbalanced line level signal that isidentical to the input signal. Page 16 Freeze mode — Provides a high quality still image for applications that requireclose examination of a specific video frame.

Thisequipment is intended to be used with a main power system with a grounded neutral conductor.

Alternatively, the input aspect ratio may be specified as 4: With the IN, only a single RGBHV connection to the display is required, resulting in cost savings due to reduced installation time, cabling, and system programming. Freezestops the image at the moment you activate the feature and outputs a stillimage. Thethird grounding pin is a extroj feature, do not attempt to bypass or disable it.


Extron IN1508 8 Input Scaling Presentation Switcher

Show More Show Less. Decrease the contrast by one. Freeze mode wasentered when theimage was black.

Or point us to the URL exttron the manual is located. The table at rightdefines the combinations ofresolutions and refresh ratesthat the switcher can output. The adjustment rangefor both color and tint is from 0 to Your manual failed to upload Except for the gain andattenuation settings, upper or lower case letters are acceptable in the commandfield. Page 40 Center selectionThe Center selection displays two status indicator exgron that show, and allow you toadjust, the horizontal and vertical position of the main or picture-in-picture outputon the monitor.

Eight input stereo audio switching is also provided with independent gain and attenuation control.

When film is converted to NTSC video, the film frame rate has to bematched to the video frame rate in a process called 3: Tell us about it. Show less Show more. Freeze — The Freeze button toggles the freeze feature on and off.

Page 53 of Extron electronic Switch IN User Guide |

Freeze is deselected when a new input is selected. This can save time and effort in setting up a newly connected source, particularly in presentation environments where different guest presenter laptops with various output resolutions will be connected.

Integrates DVI, analog video, and audio sources into presentation systems. Page 22 RS connection12Remote port — Connect a host device, such as a computer or touch panelcontrol, to the IN switcher via this 9-pin D connector for serial RScontrol figure Thisearly scaling results in a blank border on the top and cropping on the bottom, andlooks as if the image is shifted down.


Extron 8 Input Scaling Presentation Switcher With Pip IN 51c7 | eBay

On-screen displaysare not blanked. The seller is away. Use the front panel or IR remote control and buttons to adjust thebrightness control through a range of 0 to Use the front panel or IR remote control and buttons to select On orOff.

Gain or attenuation can be adjusted for each input.

Blank silences the R, G, and Bvideo outputs but the switcher still outputs sync. The IN features a high performance scaling engine with the ability to scale standard definition video, high definition video, and computer-video signals up or down in resolution. The IN features an advanced scaling engine with high quality upscaling and downscaling of high resolution computer-video signals. Positive or negative switch-selectable AudioGain Page 20 Secure the switcher to the rack using the supplied machine screws.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Color increases and decreases the color intensity of thepicture. In etxronand all other flowcharts in this chapter, solid lines indicatescreen changes initiated by the operator. The default setting is Operation is subject tothe following two conditions: This item doesn’t belong on this page. Center control button — The Center button selects and deselects the displaycentering adjustment.

Press the front panel Center buttonand shift the image up. Adjust the audio gain and attenuation asfollows: Secure the switcher to the rack using the supplied machine screws. Display may be setincorrectly.

Make the picture narrower.