The “foundations” which the Committee investigated did not all carry that label, . RENE A. WORMSER CONTENTS PREFACE by drazilla carroll reece v. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the great tax-exempt foundations. Despite opposition from the. Foundations has 17 ratings and 0 reviews. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the.

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Social scientists may be said to have come to constitute a fourth major branch of government. This prohibition is now covered princi- pally by Section c 3 of the Internal Revenue Code of formerly paragraph [6] of Section in this way: They may be donors and recipients at the same time. There are no simi- lar limitations applying to trustees or officers of foundations.

By careful selection of a trustee, here and there, from among proprietors and executives of newspapers, periodicals, and other media of communication, it can assure itself of adulation and sup- port. Anna marked it as to-read Jan 15, Re- cently worser exemption of The Institute of Ree Relations was re- voked for reasons which shall be discussed later.

Professor Rowe had himself been a director of The Institute of Pacific Relations for several years, resigning when he discovered some of its derelictions and found that he had no power as a direc- tor.

When they do so their true creativeness evaporates with tragic suddenness. Andrews, in his Philanthropic Foundationsdefends this practice by saying that “adequate research facilities and the ablest personnel are largely concentrated in these places.

I have the very definite feeling that these various foundations you mention very definitely do exercise both overt and covert influences on our foreign relations and that their influences are counter to the fundamental principles on which this nation was founded and which have made it great. As the committee report said: Some opponents of bigness now wish to prevent diversification, even when the collateral activities of a great corporation give wormsdr no preponderant or even commanding position in the collateral industries.

Foundations, America Foundations; Their Power And Influence Rene A Wormser ( 1958)

For example, the Social Science Research Council, inreported that gradu- ate students working for a degree had received Council grants.

This more recent generation of students, while equally impressed with the potentials of control of education and of public affairs in general by self-perpetuating, wealthy organizations beyond public con- trol, has become concerned over the danger of foundation support of various undesirable concepts and movements having political implications. RedCharlieRun rated it liked it May 26, He did not think that any method of public inspection was desirable or necessary.


It has accomplished this by annually selecting a choice group of promising young men for study in England.

Donald Young and Paul Webbink in Vol. The pious sultans of the Ot- toman Empire contributed to the problem by donating land con- sistently to religious foundations.

If, therefore, this study will use some of the less flattering data on tax-exempt operations uncovered by the Congressional investiga- tion, the purpose is not to create a stereotyped prejudice against foundations in general. Frank Aydelotte in a book, The Rhodes Trust published inreported: It is in the field of ideas that foundations exert the greatest influence on our lives and on the future of our country.

It is no longer a mere clearing-house for ideas; It has become a proponent of the wormsrr ideas of its trustees, its staff, and an entourage sympathetic to certain special concepts of international relations promoted by the foundation itself.

Foundations occupy a unique place in our society for many reasons, of which two are peculiarly important for distinguishing them from other philan- thropic bodies.

Foundations: Their Power and Influence

A professor, eminent and loaded with deserved honors, will listen deferentially to every word of this young man, whose opinions on academic subjects, relatively untutored though he may be, are of far more practical importance than those of his distinguished listener. Bryan rated it really liked it Oct 24, Such scholars are often seduced into group research because of the difficulty of getting individual grants and because of the financial lure of generous foundation subsidy for large projects.

Steel Corporation and himself a prominent philanthropist, stated his belief in the capital- ist system. In one case, the foundation had 20 trustees who held a total of positions as trustees or officers of other philanthropic organizations, or an average of 5.

Foundations : Their Power and Influence by René A. Wormser | Earth Emperor

Certainly there could have been no intention to prohibit all propaganda, as that would have constituted an attack on the churches, which are entitled to engage in religious propaganda. Speaking of economic control Professor Lasswell asks; Shall we rely upon a rule to guide public policy in regard to the permissible degree of market control per- mitted to private interests?

Reid and partly by his will, the estate thus saving a large sum in death taxes. A third form of complaint comes from competitors, who assert the unfairness of enabling a great corporation, through the tax- deduction vehicle, to advertise itself and promote public rela- tions and, thus, to take unfair advantage of competitors.

Her efforts may be meritorious, but this seemingly apolitical activity does have legislative aspects. The impact of foundation money upon education has been very heavy, largely tending to promote uniformity in approach and method, tending to induce the educator to become an agent for social change and a propagandist for the development of our society in the direction of some form of collectivism. They are the consultants of government, the planners, and the designers of governmental theory and practice.


It means that members of the LID think and work for the elimination of capitalism, and the substitution for it of a new order, in whose building the purposeful and passionate thinking of the student and worker today will play an important part. It came about largely through the use of intermediary organizations to which foundations could donate wholesale funds for retailing grants. A very powerful complex of foundations and allied organizations has developed over the years to exercise a high degree of control over education.

He said; The New State of the future will need social technicians who will be asked to engage in cultural planning just as technological experts and economists will be called upon to plan for orderly material production and distribution. Some of our largest foundations, established before the introduction of Federal in- come and estate taxes, were created largely to glamorize a name fundations previously identified as conspicuously charitable.

This led the report to comment: We wanted to explore the problems of wor,ser by examining their actions, wormswr their statements for the public.

It disturbed this Congressional Committee that no agency of government had any information of consequence on the subject, nor any data regarding the resultant unfair competitive advan- tages enjoyed by foundations operating in business fields. It maintains that the economic power of great corporations should be suppressed by dissolutions and break-ups.

Full text of “Foundations, America Foundations; Their Power And Influence Rene A Wormser ( )”

Fred Rippey, Professor of Fene History at Chicago, to which it apparently had paid little attention. They may cause donations to be made to institutions or funds on whose directive boards they sit. The control of these funds has been widely pub- lished as being in the hands of foundatlons educators and publicly spirited citizens. It is no wonder that so many creative individuals have been conditioned to abandon individual projects.

On the other hand, a foundation can operate in reverse, in regard to public relations. So we set out to find the answers.