The Georgetown Ranger District’s Rock Creek OHV area offers approximately 3, feet in elevation, Rock Creek includes trails of all difficulty levels open. OHV (motorized use) Trails in Clear Creek County. OHV (motorized use) Trails. OHV (motorized use) Trail Maps. OHV (motorized use) trails ยท Forest Service. Trail/Area Name, Map #, County, Nearest City, 4WD, Mot, ATV, UTV Argentine Pass, 16, Clear Creek, Georgetown, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes. Aztec Family Racing, G .

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A couple of bikers were assaulted this morning by a man on a mountain bike. I question whether this project has been presented to the OHV community and has garnered their support.


Eldorado National Forest

Recon Ride this morning. It is not unusual to find closures of roads and trails during these wet periods. Georgetownn you are a beginner, this trail is not for you!

Another great day to be alive. Hold my Camera I got this. I repeat – a well-planned rule would include funding by the Forest Service georgetkwn all necessary components, which included the production of the MVUM. Without this support, there will be no guarantee of success. Log in with Email or Username Please fill in the required fields. The main trail has many trail paths off the main path that allow you to enjoy a rugged mountain bike experiencebut it also features a great concrete Main Trailwith some areas being crushed stone; which allow you to speed ride comfortable.


Since the Forest Service forced Travel Management upon the OHV community amidst great objection from OHV enthusiasts, their plan should have included a method to produce these maps, along with funding.

OHV Trail Guide Index

Explore local businesses on Facebook. Motorcyclists have been enjoying the trails here for years now.

Email Address Invalid email format. Elevations range from 2, ft. Parking is georgteown off Pearl St, Belton, TX plenty of restrooms plenty of georgteown along trailsome shaded areas! Made it a whole day without a crash, until Michael gave me that look as he was putting the ramp on the tale gate. The trails were ripping fast with lots of elevation loss. The Georgetown ranger station has worked with the public that uses the area and has considered input from them on the trail system.

Definately check this ohf before you go. Randy Morrow Trail Last mile of trail towards dam October, by johndrichter. Some areas are wooded, with a creek running beside you, and some areas have a lake, parks, bridges; its quite the outdoor experience. Recent Activity username action type title date Raches12 add ridelog Dec 30, ride log Dec 30, Happy Birthday David Craig had a blast.

Mountain bikes are rarely seen out here, and I am not sure why.


EdBl That damn kid There is many steep levels, both asphalt, and crushed granite. Finish Registering Finish Registering. It is unconscionable that the Forest Service would require the production of these maps, which are illegible at best, after a much contested and appealed Route Designation process, and then ask the public to pay for it!

Thread starter Andy Start date Mar 3, I depend on this trail for much needed daily walks but am georgetiwn beginning to avoid it as there’s too many times I’ve been almost run over by cyclists. Login or register to submit one. Difficulty Status Condition Popularity? Dave Desrosiers is at Mace Mill Ohv.

We did not try on bikes. Vegitation in the area is predominately mixed pine forest with some areas of dense brush.

Nasim Mazahreh Insurance Insurance Broker. The views are what made it though!

Georgetown Rock Creek | South Bay Riders

Sierra Nevada Trail Bashers Sports. You have to be prepared to go uphills, and often! This is not sustainable or responsible management. Permanent vault toilets should georgetwon the vandalism that has occurred in the past.