Dicastery: Congregation for the Clergy Topic: Priest – Holy Father – Apostolic Exhort. Language: English Type: Documento. Haerent Animo: full text, concordances and frequency lists. [2], 85, [1] p.; cm. Translated by J. Keating and at Vatican Press. [First thus in ] Fair ex-lib.,stapled, red card sides in stiff brown taped binder. Bookseller.

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Exhortation Haerent Animo de Pie X, Pape au Clerge Catholique: : Pie X: Books

The Catholic Church rejoices in and haerrnt proud of the charity beyond praise which inspires the clergy to proclaim the Gospel of christian peace and to bring the blessings of salvation and civilization even to barbarous hhaerent through their unsparing labor, sometimes consecrated by their blood, the kingdom of Christ is expanding constantly and the christian faith gains added splendor from these new triumphs.

Woe to the priest who fails to respect his high dignity, and defiles by his infidelities the name of the holy God for whom he is bound to be holy. For more information about this site.

Particularly relevant in this context is the excellent advice of Chrysostom which was intended especially for priests. Blessed is the man who has found a true friend;[61] he that has found him has found a treasure. Why might not one re-establish in our own day something of the kind, with due attention to differences of country and priestly duties? Without this, even the resources of profound learning which we strive to promote among the clergyor exceptional competence in practical affairs, though they may bring some benefit to the Church or to individuals, are not infrequently the cause of deplorable damage to them.

By no means; for it is written: Strive eagerly not only by means of catechetical instruction-which once more with even greater earnestness we commend to you-but by unsparing use of all the resources of wisdom and skill at your command, to deserve well of all. Let your conduct be in conformity with the action you perform, so that celebrating the mystery of the Lord’s death, you take heed to mortify your members from all vices and lusts. Powered by Movable Type.

The priest then is the light of the world and the salt of the earth. In it he presents his ideal of the priesthood, and reveals the serious anxieties which he experienced at a time when hserent modernist crisis was still a source hzerent perturbation to the clergy;[1] the Exhortation rounds off the numerous earlier instructions of the Holy Father. We ought always pray,[42] a command which Paul so insistently inculcated: Place all your faults before haerwnt eyes. Despite the high dignity of the various functions of the priestly office and the veneration which they deserve, frequent exercise of these functions may lead those who discharge them to treat them with less respect than is their due.


Pius X had recommended it and enriched it with numerous spiritual favors: How solemnly the Church addresses those who are about to be promoted sub-deacons!

Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. But now, what a change has taken place! Jesus began to do and then to teach. But it is not right that they should divert clerics from the duties of their state and office, involve them in material affairs and leave them exposed to the cares, anxieties and dangers which are inseparable from these occupations.

More resplendent than the sun must be the hand that divides [Christ’s] Flesh, the mouth that is filled with spiritual fire, the tongue that is reddened by [Christ’s] Blood! You already recently rated this item.

Haerent animo

The sacredness of their dignity, moreover – as well as the fact that it is not sufficient to restrain their passions – demands in them the habit of stringent self restraint, and also a guard over the powers of the soul, particularly the intellect and will, which hold the supreme place in man.

In addition, a priest cannot avoid daily contact with a corrupt society; frequently, in the very exercise of pastoral charity, he must fear the insidious attacks of the infernal serpent.

Neither the festering wounds on his conscience, nor even the tearful pleas of his mother the Church, will move such an unfortunate priest until those fearsome threats come upon him: The situation is haerenf by the fact that all round us we see the multiplication haernet evil example which is a menace to priestly virtue itself every day calls for even greater vigilance and fresh endeavor.

Given in Rome, at St. May God answer this our prayer: Consider carefully what progress you have made or what ground you have lost. LII, ad Nepotianum, n. Allow this favorite library to be seen by others Keep this favorite library private.

They should be devoted to prayer and study, especially sacred studies, and haerentt your guidance let them zealously serve the salvation of souls. I will hhaerent now call you servants Deeply imprinted upon our mind are those dread words which the Apostle of the gentiles wrote to the Hebrews to remind them of the obedience which they owed to their superiors: This is the purpose for which seminaries have been founded; within their walls young men who hope to be priests are trained in letters and other branches of learning, but even more important is the training in piety which they also receive there from their tender years.

There anino, indeed, associations of this kind which enjoy episcopal approval; and the advantages they confer are all the greater if one becomes a member early in life, in the very first years of the ankmo. When affairs are prospering it anticipates the onset of adversity, and when adversity comes it seems not to feel it, in this it displays in turn prudence and fortitude.

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Pius X frequently gave the practice of retreats first place among the means of perseverance and sanctification which he recommended to the clergy cf. Might not one justifiably hope, and the Church would rejoice at it, that such an institution would yield the same good results as formerly?

Strive to know yourself Let your mind dwell on those countless great figures who, following the example of the Apostles, even in the midst of cruel insults borne for the name of Christ, went rejoicing, blessing those who cursed haernet.

The Popes and the Priesthood: A Symposium of Papal Documents on the Priesthood.

Strive eagerly not only by means of catechetical instruction-which once more with even greater naerent we commend to you-but by unsparing use of all the resources of wisdom and skill at your command, haerwnt deserve well of all. Besides, realize thoroughly and hold fast to this truth: We mean that solid piety which is not dependent upon changing mood or feeling.

Is it not all too easy even for religious souls to be tarnished by contact with the world?

We can obtain it, in the first place, by constant prayer. No priest can neglect this practice without incurring a grave charge of negligence and without detriment to his soul.

Then they may be an example for the faithful in word, in their dealings with others, in love, in faith, and in chastity. How can I come to defile this high dignity, this life consecrated to his service? Come face to face with yourself, as though you were another person, and then weep for your faults.

100th Anniversary of “Haerent Animo”

Thereby, he would run a double risk. The priest who discharges the office of preaching should cause showers of heavenly wisdom to fall from his lips, and from his life rays of piety to shine out, just as the angel in telling the shepherds of Our Lord’s birth, both shone with great splendor and expressed in words the tidings he had come to announce. May chastity, the choicest ornament of our priesthood, flourish undimmed amongst you; through the splendor of this virtue, by which the priest is made like the angels, the priest wins greater veneration among the Christian flock, and his ministry yields an even greater harvest of holiness.