Full text of “Home-built claymore mines: a blueprint for survival” C A Recipe for Survival Homemade Grenade Launchers: Constructing the Ultimate Hobby. : Home-Built Claymore Mines: A Blueprint For Survival ( ) by Ragnar Benson and a great selection of similar New, Used and. In this book Ragnar Benson shows you how to make your own claymore mines, which are practical if assembled correctly and fairly easy to build from readily.

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Called “Hi- drive,” percent dynamite clamore at between 21, and 22, feet per second. Joseph added it Feb 05, Assembly will also require lcaymore single sheet of heavy-duty tinfoil to be placed between explosive and spherical fragments. Use duct tape to bind up the package. Today, nonexplosive components of the mine are manufactured and assembled by various contractors, selected on the basis of the lowest and best bid.

The convex side of the mold should now be covered with exposed sticky duct tape.

Before removing it, be certain that it has assumed its now curved configuration per- manently. However, users must deploy their clay- mores properly to achieve maximum effect. Silver duct tape may miens just the home–built for claymores intended for use in the city, where they may be wired or taped 39 Place your clay- more out in a proper location aimed at the cor- rect target.


The only assumption made in this “how to” manual involves obtaining the explosives needed to energize these devices.

Thirty-nine rows of 18 will cover the face of the mold completely. The technical service number is Ironically, MacLeod named his mine after the legendary claymore sword. After the explosives are molded to the fragments as perfectly as possible, transfer the plastic mold from the front to the rear of the device.

BookDB marked it as to-read Nov 12, Of those who do and who know little to nothing about explosives, significant numbers will become casualties.

Jn this book, ftggdsar Benson does for the claymore mine tfhat lie ijjjffi 7 did 1 fomb: Neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility for the use or misuse of information contained in this book.

Human- wave attacks, as used for the last time by the Chinese in Korea, are no longer feasible, due in large part to the ability of modern foot- sloggers to easily carry two or more direc- tional mines each. Position the Plexiglass piece lengthwise in a furniture clamp. Be the first to ask a question about Home Built Claymore Mines.

Annealing is accomplished by placing about a gallon of charcoal briquettes in a small cast-iron pot, skillet, hibachi, or tight barbecue grill.

HomeBuilt Claymore Mines A Blueprint For Survival, Ragnar Benson. (Paperback )

There are apparently no surviving examples. As previously mentioned, this must include commercial detonation using electrical dynamite caps.

Maintenance is always a fairly hairy experience for the person who must perform it. Aerojet Corporation in Azusa, California, had a team of proven rocket- explosives- and munitions-development specialists who believed they blufprint meet the requirements as set out by Picatinny.


It is assumed, therefore, that builders know how to purchase or make suit- able explosives and safely handle them. Aurvival coverage will not be total, but the mottled effect works well. Like mild steel fragments, Devcon Liquid B can be difficult to locate.

Two man-sized targets are set up for the test, feet and feet from the device. This is not a text pertaining to proper use and handling of high explosives. Leave them till the fire completely burns out and cools. Use only very thin layers of dry grass and leaves.


Home-built clay- more deployed and ready for testing. Benjamin Thornton marked it as to-read Aug 14, Past problems notwithstanding, this new Paladin book proved that homemade direc- tional mines are practical if put together cor- rectly. As a measure against this tactic, carefully hide the mine in amongst tall, thin grass, brush, leaves, or pine needles.

It is also effec- tive to place the device high on a pole or tree, pointing into the target area.