OptiX RTN Radio Transmission System. VRC Commissioning and Configuration Guide (Web LCT). Issue, Date, HUAWEI. Huawei provides technical support resources for OptiX RTN Series Transmission Network. Access product manuals, HedEx documents, and visio stencils. Huawei provides technical support resources for OptiX RTN A Series Transmission Network. Access product manuals, HedEx documents, and visio stencils.

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The address resolution is a process in which the host converts the target IP address into a target MAC address before transmitting a frame.

The NEs are automatically created after they are found. Set IP and Subnet Mask as required. Right-click the NE whose time needs to be synchronized, and then choose Synchronize with NM Time from the shortcut menu. This operation task does not interrupt services. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written consent of Huawei Technologies Co. The LossRate in the Detection Result should be 0.

NOTE If plug-ins that can block pop-up windows are also installed, disable their blocking function.

Download RTN Commissioning (Web LCT)

Step 12 Restore the AM function and E1 priority on the radio link between two sites. The value of State Machine Status should be Protection.


Hold priority The priority of the tunnel with respect to holding resources, ranging from 0 indicates the highest priority to 7. General Conventions The general conventions that may be found in this document are defined as follows.

Carrying Heavy Objects Wear protection gloves when carrying heavy objects. In the displayed confirmation dialog box, click OK. It indicates the priority of a packet.

The board that carries the original service, however, needs to be set as the working board. Prerequisite l The antennas must be aligned. When VBNC reaches the peak value, tighten the antenna at the huawwi end. Step 6 Select Advanced Search. Gigabit Ethernet uses a private medium, and it does not support coaxial cables or other cables. A dialog box is displayed, indicating that the NE is added successfully.

OptiX RTN 950

The default network segment cannot be modified or deleted. The Attributes dialog box is displayed. NOTE If basic maunal about the opposite NEs in a certain microwave direction is not displayed, check the configurations in that microwave direction. Select the maintenance domain in which a maintenance association needs to be created.

Select 1-NE name and press Enter. Ensure that ttn receive power of the ODU at the opposite end can ensure stable radio services. On the General tab, click Settings in the Temporary Internet files area. Convention Description Boldface Buttons, menus, parameters, tabs, window, and dialog titles are in boldface. Step 4 Click OK. Direct human contact with the high voltage power supply or human contact through damp objects can be fatal.


Step by Step Login RTN 950 HUAWEI

Available – – This parameter indicates the available port Orderwire Port for the orderwire phone. Select the maintenance association in which an MEP needs to be created. Step 2 Choose Object Attributes. The following sections provide a non-exhaustive checklist for both scenarios. The ESD wrist strap can prevent the electrostatic-sensitive components from being damaged by the static electricity in the human body.

Anti-jitter Time 0 to – l When Anti-jitter Time s is not set to 0, a protection group does not report an alarm immediately after it is degraded, but reports the alarm after the specified anti-jitter time expires. The logical slot of rttn ODU is not shown in the manuzl layout diagram.