Icharger B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Icharger B User Manual. Read online or download PDF • Page 4 / 33 • ProgressiveRC B iCharger User Manual • ProgressiveRC Power suppliers. My iCharger B was one of the earliest released so it has firmware version where as current models are shipping with version

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The other four columns are all part of the secondary menu level so you press “Inc” and “Dec” to move between. Chemistry and cell count Pack volts Charge current mAh charged into the battery or discharged Elapsed time Cell voltages Termination voltage Capacity safety cut-off point Safety timer cut-off point Temperature cut-off point Internal and external temperature Supply voltage Pressing “Start” will always cause the initial screen to display which contains the first five items that are listed above.

Upgrading steps posted by Julez! See detail information about logview in the following website:. Lithium packs of cells can be ichargrr in balanced or unbalanced mode. I do like the ichatger though. In the first row we can see that the cell voltage is displayed very accurately and the pack voltage in the second row is also quite accurate. Start charging and discharging If you don’t care to plot your data then you may very well not use any software unless you decided to update the firmware to get a new feature or bug fix such as the new regenerative discharge feature.

ProgressiveRC 208B iCharger User Manual

Once you’ve got the data loaded into LogView you can save it to a file on your PC. For a novice this could be a dangerous combination, but an experienced power user may very well enjoy freedom from being dictated what constitutes “safe” by the manufacturer. The second example assumes the last battery charged is identical and all of the parameters are correct so nothing needs changed. Last edited by kgfly; Apr 01, at The correct solution to break this loop is the use of opto-isolators, but the B breaks the loop by disconnecting the ground wire of the USB cable.


The manual includes a set of directions on updating the firmware on page 29 or page 28 in older versions of the manual. Another feature not seen in all chargers is a temperature probe that can be used to record pack temperature and even activate a safety shutdown if the pack gets to hot.

Files View all Files in thread. Pages of the manual pages of the old version describe the basics in how to connect the B to LogView so I won’t repeat them here. And here is Trug ‘s blog: A typical result is shown in the table below. Connect the power source to the B and turn it on if applicable Connect the balance tap if applicable Connect the positive connector of the battery to the charger then the negative lead you can do this with the banana plugs Perform charge or discharge operation Disconnect balance tap and main lead from the battery then power down the charger Quick Start The B manual does not provide a “quick start” guide in the manual which often leaves new users asking the most basic question of how one goes about initiating a charge.

Basically you can use any power supply you want as long as its output voltage is 4.

My reference for checking voltage and current accuracy is a Ichsrger V which has a DC voltage base accuracy of 0. Between the output banana jacks and the balance port connector is a 3 pin connector for the temperature probe.

ProgressiveRC B iCharger User Manual | Page 4 / 33

I’d icharer to support two languages in my software so I don’t begrudge the software authors, but make sure you know how to find the meaning of words like “Ja”, “Nein”, and “Abbrechen” as you won’t get very far into using LogView before encountering them.

Oct 22, Basically any cell combination of most any rechargeable chemistry with a termination voltage of 36 volts or less can be charged.

Images View all Images in thread. This has not been without its drawbacks though as opinions vary on how the charger should behave so sometimes you get someone requesting a modification and someone else asking for 2088b to not be changed.


Not to worry, there is a nice table that describes it all in detail. Some require the balance tap to be connected while in others it is optional. The iCharger can not only measure the internal resistance of. Sep 05, Last edited by junsi; Jun 26, at Pressing “Inc” will cycle through the cell voltages while pressing “Dec” will cycle through all the other items listed.

It is an inferior but less expensive solution to the problem.

Once you’ve had a few moments to practice navigating it is really pretty simple to understand and get around. Connect Li batteries’ balance port 3. The B manual states that it balances cells to within 10mV, but offers no other indication of how accurate it should be.

Mar 27, Connectors Power is supplied to the B via 14 AWG wire with banana plugs and removable battery clamps that are ideal for manyal onto a deep cycle lead-acid battery. The voltage range for ichqrger are all shown and they can be scaled individually or as a group. With the exception of the low indication of power and temperature these results are very good.

Turnigybut be prepared for some very unusual choices of words. If there is a way to combine then to a single scale I don’t know how and don’t believe there is a way to ichwrger so. Electric motor test mode can be used to run-in electric motors, test motor parameters and performance.

icjarger As shown in the picture to the right, the following come in the box: However, the B does not require the use of the balance tap and can charge the full 20A in unbalanced mode which is no better than the chargers of old.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Last edited by junsi; Jun 18, at This is typically individual cell voltages, pack voltage, charge current, power, charge aka capacityand temperature.