Interferometria Holografica Digital – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Esta basado en el estudio sobre la Interferometria Holografica. Gesualdi, M.R.R. () Técnicas de Interferometria Holográfica Usando Cristais Fotorrefrativos da Família das Silenitas Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto. Meaning of interferometria in the Portuguese dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms Técnicas de interferometria holográfica usando cristais O objetivo .

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All components were secured on an optical table buffered by compressed air Newport in order to avoid vibrations. The holographic interferometry method was efficient in quantifying and qualifying tension transmission.

Additionally, another factor that may have aided tension dissipation is the hardness of the bone. In the fixed and macerated specimens, the direction of fringes remained unchanged; 3 Spacing between the fringes was smaller near the point of load application and increased progressively along the mandible towards the fixed extremity; 4 The pattern of fringes was also different in direction; in fixed and macerated specimens the fringes showed greater inclination than in fresh hemi-mandibles, meaning that they underwent torsion.

This holografkca allows the detection of minute movements of the order of nanometers, as well as overall qualitative and quantitative visualization of the trajectory of the tensions generated upon load application. The experiment began immediately after euthanasia of the animals, and the presence of fresh fibrous connective tissue may have dampened the action of the applied force.

Services on Demand Journal. The results of this investigation did not converge with the findings of Kannan 19who found little difference in magnitude in the tensions developed in vivo and in dry monkey skulls, measured by means of load cells.


They holorafica that formalin fixing causes agglutination of collagenous fibers. The holograms obtained hloografica the present study revealed that there was a difference in the stress transmission among fresh, fixed and macerated mandibles.

Quantification of holographic fringe data: Mandibles were then cut through the mental region using a scalpel blade. At the same time, beams from the same laser source hit the mirror.

The reconstructed image of the hologram contains most of the information of the object. In the present study, the macerated specimens presented a larger number of fringes, with smaller spacing between them. Photoelastic analysis of stress distribution on parallel and angled implants after installation of fixed prostheses.

INTERFEROMETRIA – Definition and synonyms of interferometria in the Portuguese dictionary

All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Holography follows a different principle from conventional photography. Dermault LR, Beerden Interfero,etria. Qualitative analysis of stress distribution in tooth-implant interferomerria implant-supported prosthesis by means of holographic interferometry method.

The mandibular ramus was fixed in a metal box by screws and self-polymerizing acrylic resin was poured into the box. Location of the centre of resistance of the upper dentition and the nasomaxillary complex. Because it is a non-destructive method, whose results can be obtained from the very object under study, it enables repeatability of the experiment.

Meaning of “interferometria” in the Portuguese dictionary

A laser is needed to produce a coherent, monochromatic light beam. Resolution is that of the order of the laser wavelength or that of a photographic film Braz Oral Res ; Because of the short time of formalin fixing, significant changes in the biochemical composition of the bone tissue may not have occurred. Campos I ; Lena K. They found that the displacements of maxillas did not coincide with in vivo measurements.


Verh K Acad Geneeskd Belg ; Holographic interferometry method for assessment of static load stress distribution in dog mandible.

Strain and stress analysis by holography and speckle interferometry. The hemi-mandibles were placed in such a way that load incidence would be at the incisal edge of the canine, simulating occlusion with the opposing tooth. All of these techniques have advantages and disadvantages. Strength of biological materials.

The film was developed and fixed. Results Qualitative Analysis The holographic images showed that: In a previous study 10moisture in fresh dog skulls may have influenced their results in comparison to macerated skulls, by making them interferometrai rigid and leading to a less pronounced displacement of bone.

How to cite this article. Data relative hopografica the comparison between fresh and fixed specimens as well to the comparison between fresh and macerated specimens are presented on Tables 1 and 2respectively. The reflected beam reference beam interacted with the object beam to produce a hologram on the film. Because the holographic method is highly sensitive to small bone displacements and deformations, and given the controversy among researchers as to the use of macerated skulls, and the difficulty of obtaining fresh post-mortem human skulls, the purpose of this study was to compare the distribution of tensions produced under static load in fresh controlmacerated and fixed dog mandibles.

When developed and suitably exposed to laser light, this hologram reconstructs a three-dimensional image of the object. J Osaka Dent Univ ; A difference in the direction of stress transmission was also observed.