Ashar 29 (July 13, ) and the Interim Constitution of Nepal The English translation is based on that which was initially done by Mr. Hereby promulgate this Interim Constitution, of Nepal, drafted through political consensus, for an interim period until a New Constitution. The Prime Minister shall appoint the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council, and the Chief.

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The State of Nepal: Provided that nothing in this article, any ennglish within the jurisdiction of the Military Act, the National Human Rights Commission shall not have jurisdiction.

Until the time such regulation is framed, the House shall itself regulate its operational procedure. The method of drawing out the flag and other particulars relating thereto shall be as set forth in Schedule.

End discriminations relating knterim class, race, language, sex, culture, religion, region, and the present centralized and unitary model, to address the problems of women, dalits, indigenous and ethnic groups, Madhesis, the disadvantaged and minority groups. The formation of such a secretariat or other related issues shall be as determined by the law.

However, this clause shall not be considered as an obstacle to perform any work for any political position or in any position in order to carry out investigation, inquires and examination on any matter or for appointment in any position to provide recommendation, suggestion and idea enlgish study and research of such matter.

Effectively implement international treaties and agreements of which the Nepali State is a party. Languages used in such manner shall be translated in the official language of the state for record. The Constitution while executing work as legislative with necessary adjustments in provisions of part 9 shall implement the Constituent Assembly. Right to access to the Legislature-Parliament: The Legislative-Parliament remaining within the framework of this Constitution shall execute its work on political consent; formulate regulations to properly manage its meetings, formulate committees and regulate proceedings and other issues.

D ecision to be made through referendum: Every member of the Constituent Assembly shall, before taking part for the first time in a meeting of that Assembly or any of its committees, take an oath as provided by law. The State shall pursue a policy of making basic infrastructure to impart technical education, training and orientation to farmers, labourers, and the class dependent on manual work, and seek their participation in the development process of the country.

No comment shall be made on good faith regarding any proceedings of the parliament and no publication of any kind shall be made about anything said by any member which intentionally distorts or misinterprets the meaning of the speech.

Nepal – Interim Constitution of Nepal, ().

There shall be required numbers of committees and sub-committees in the Legislative-Parliament as provisioned by the law. Guaranteeing the basic rights of the Nepali citizen to formulate their Constitution for themselves and to participate in free and fair elections of the Constituent Assembly in a free-from-fear environment.

Shall use or order to use of other powers and perform the duties as provided in the law. If the Prime Minister releases Attorney General from the office. Estimate of revenues, Necessary amount to meet the charges on the Consolidated Fund, and Necessary amount to meet the expenditure of an Appropriation Act. The seat of a legislative member shall become vacant in the following circumstances: The Prime Minister shall end the session of the Parliament in consultation with the Speaker of the Legislative-Parliament.


Follow a policy that ensures the professional rights of labourers, increases investment to promote industry, trade and import, and creates opportunity for employment and income generation. The State shall adopt a special policy to mobilize youth power for the development of the country. Powers relating to justice in Nepal shall be exercised by courts and other judicial institutions in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution, with the laws and with the recognized principles of justice.

Except as otherwise provided in this part, all questions submitted for decision in the Constituent Assembly shall be decided by a majority vote of the members present and voting. Provided that- a Nothing in this Sub-clause shall bar the appointment of an Election Commissioner as Chief Commissioner, and when a Commissioner is so appointed as the Chief Commissioner, his term of office shall be computed including his tenure as Commissioner.

The Nepal Government shall provide such necessary employees and other 53 things as may be required to carry out the functions of the Election Commission in accordance with this Constitution. It shall be the duty of every person to uphold the provisions of this Constitution. The Constituent Assembly shall be dissolved that very day the Constitution promulgation by the Constituent Assembly comes into effect. The Auditor General may issue necessary directives regarding the principles to be considered for carrying out the audit of such corporate bodies.

Right to Constitutional Remedy: Rights against untouchability and racial discrimination: The Prime Minister can, on the recommendation of the concerned political party, appoint the Minister of State from amongst the members of Legislative-Parliament. Such conditions of the remuneration and services shall not be changed inappropriately during their term.

Every citizen shall have the right to property to acquire, own, sell, otherwise dispose employment according to the provisions made by the law. Constitutiom of Citizenship Team: The Nepali Language in the Devnagari script shall be the official language for Government businesses.

The Interim Constitution of Nepal – 2063 (2007 AD) Part I – English

A bill may be introduced in the House by any member of the Legislative-Parliament. The Constituent Assembly before initiating its work on the Constitution drafting shall carry out the election of one Chairperson and one Vice Chairperson from among its members.

But nothing shall prevent the making of laws to impose reasonable restrictions on any act which may undermine the sovereignty and integrity of Nepal, or which may endanger the harmonious relations subsisting among the peoples of various castes, tribes or communities; or on any act of sedition, defamation, contempt of court or incitement to an offence; or on any act against which may be contrary to decent public behaviour or morality.

The State engish pursue a policy of raising the standards of life of the general public by developing basic infrastructure for education, health, transportation, and housing, and provide opportunities of livelihoods for the people of all the regions through equitable distribution of economic investment for balanced development of the country.


The Interim Constitution of Nepal – 2063 (2007 AD) Part II – English

Provided that — a Nothing in this Clause shall bar the appointment of a member of the Public Service Commission to be the Chairperson of the Commission, and when a member is so appointed as the Chairperson, his term of office shall be computed by including his tenure as member as well.

There shall be one House of Legislative-Parliament in Nepal which shall consist of the following members: These are not shown on the flag.

The main objective of the be to protect the lives, property and independence of people, maintain equality, establish a just system in social, economic and political spheres including all aspects of national life, and promote a democratic system based on an open society.

The executive work of Nepal shall be in the name of the Nepal Government. Any breach of privilege stated in this Article shall contempt the privilege of the Parliament and the breach of privilege of parliament shall be considered as the contempt of parliament.

If the election of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker has not taken place, or if both the positions become vacant, the member who is by age the seniormost, in the Legislative-Parliament shall preside over the meeting of the Legislative- Parliament. Political parties failing to do so, their names shall be removed from the list of the Election Commission.

The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly will sit on the twenty first day after the final results of the election of members of the Constituent Assembly is made public by the election commission and the meeting thereafter as summoned by the Prime Minister will sit on the prescribed date and place constirution the person chairing the Constituent Assembly. Any thing, service iinterim benefits that is produced or distributed, anyone shall not be denied from purchasing or getting those services, benefits or things nor shall those things, services or benefits be sold or distributed to certain special caste or race.

An Advance Expenditure Bill shall not be submitted until the estimates of revenues and expenditures have been presented in accordance with the provisions of Article 92 and the Advance Nepla amount shall not exceed one third of the expenditure estimate of the fiscal year.

The Government of Nepal may form necessary commissions to safeguard and promote the rights and interests of women, Daltis, indigenous communities, ethnic groups, Madhesi, physically impaired, labourers and 68 farmers including various regions of the country. Act Relating to Financial Procedure: The Constituent Assembly, while passing the Bill of the Constitution, shall do so by carrying out voting in the Preamble and each Article of such a Bill tabled in the Constituent Assembly.