Titel: Investitionszulagengesetz (InvZulG ) vom Februar sowie Dezember (Artikel 1 Investitionszulagengesetz — InvZulG ). Dezember (Artikel 1 Investitionszulagengesetz — InvZulG ) B) Investitionszulagengesetz (InvZulG ) vom 7. Dezember C) the results for fiscal year are proof of this. itelligence enjoyed a record- breaking year. our figures (InvZulG – German Investment Subsidy Act) and.

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Specific considerations relating to parafiscal charges. Preliminary examination of the notification and decisions of the Commission.

[DEU ¶] GUIDE TO GERMAN CITATIONS | Croner-i Tax and Accounting

Contribution to an objective of common interest. State Aid Action Plan. 200 of unlawful aid. Content and effect of the decision. Content of the opening decision. Economic Approach on the Factual Level. Aid not covered by the Article 32 exemption. Invvzulg not covered by the Article 33 exemption. Section 1 Regional aid. New or existing aid. Freight transport by road. Regional development, Employment, Sectoral development. Aid for innovation clusters. Name and address of the granting authority.


Exclusion of State aid elements. Scope of Article 3 lit.

Investment aid for local infrastructures. Rationale and purpose of regional aid. Data used for the staff headcount and the financial amounts and reference period. The subsidization of social housing nivzulg from the perspective of Union law. Individual Case Analyses vs. Intermodal transport and State aid rules. Indirect state aid to undertakings through public funded research and knowledge dissemination organisations and research infrastructures Section 2.

Aid for ports and other maritime transport infrastructures. Decisions of the Knvzulg. Banco di Sicilia and Sicilcassa.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Investment aid for remediation of contaminated sites. General aspects — The effects doctrine. No disclosure of confidential information. Existence of State aid. Aid schemes and individual aid lit. The new legal framework for State aid invzilg.

View on the compatibility with the internal market. Economic Problems in Assessing the Effect of Aid.

EUR-Lex – XC(03) – EN – EUR-Lex

General Block Exemption Regulation. Extension of the de minimis Regulation. Adequate and Market-Customary remuneration.