Ah, batteries. They always die sooner than you think, right? Not this one! Called Karpen’s Pile, this battery has been working uninterrupted. Anyone not familiar with “Karpen’s Pile” might want to do a quick search before reading the rest of this, you just need to spend 30 seconds. Directory:Karpen’s Pile — A Battery That Has Produced Energy Continuously Since s. Lasted edited by Andrew Munsey, updated on June 15, at

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Attach lead of voltmeter to gold. The figure I represents a formed stack of two phases, liquids A and B, the electrodes being completely submerged one in phase A, the other in the phase B. He went to France to study physics at the University of Paris.

A battery designed in by Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen, There was an error working with the wiki: Moreover, it appears many of the people incessantly proclaiming how anti-N Unless stated otherwise, I do not care whether a statement, by itself, constitutes a persuasive political argument.

The purpose of the motor and the blades was to show that the piles actually generate electricity, but they’re not needed anymore, since current technology allows us to measure all the parameters and outline all of them in a more proper way. Lasted edited by Andrew Munseyupdated on June 15, at Isn’t this absolute amazing? Thank you for your interest in this question.

Oh yea, obviously they wouldn’t know Griffiths from Sakurai if I were throwing them at them. Powered by Movable Type 5. As of December it has been moved into an adjacent corridor due to building works but is still ringing, though inaudibly owing to being behind two layers of glass. Do you have a chronic degenerative disease?


Kafpen inand called “the uniform-temperature thermoelectric pile,” has allegedly been producing energy continuously in a Romanian museum since the s. Thanks for looking into it. As for the Karpen Pile, my best guess is that it has a rather long lifespan just because there’s not much of an energy requirement; I.

I would kindly ask that you and TMT direct your eyes and feast upon your glorious katpen at the very end of my first post. It’s actually sucking away voltage!

Nicolae Vasilescu-Karpen

If such a thing really worked, surely Karpem engineers would know about it and be using it instead of letting some of their costly gadgets -such as the Mars Exploration Rovers- die from lack of energy. The blade’s rotation time had been calculated so that the piles have time to recharge and that they can rebuild their polarity during the time that the circuit is open. If someone says they want to turn heat into electricity, they probably mean “without an exchange reservoir”.

The invention cannot be exposed because the museum doesn’t have enough money to buy the security system necessary for such an exhibit.

“The battery that isn’t a battery” – my own simple theory. – xkcd

Library Dan Winter Fractal. I always figured this would be easiest to accomplish by using a layer of atoms that have a far out electron shell with a single electron that is able to “jump off” comparatively easily without destabilizing the atoms molecular bindings, resulting in the electron getting “trapped” in another medium and transferred kapen another conducting layer, I think you get the picture.


As a result of this plagiarize-tidy-plagiarize-tidy cycle the article is biased towards sensation and speculation and low ple the boring old facts of the matter.

Electrical Pile — The object of the present invention is an electrical pile transformer of heat of the ambient medium into electrical energy [thermoelectric battery]. And they are pretty damn tired of people who say “hey, I read a book or a wiki page, or a website, or two or four of each and I think I’ve found something that science has overlooked!

Although it should have stopped working decades ago, it didn’t. By the way, I figured out how it pilw. So, karpwn answer is “at least years” for appropriate values of “significant current. Normally, one electrode should corrode and loose ions which should deposit around the other electrode.

Fuel Cells There was an error working with the wiki: Evert Dynamic Ether Merlib Res. I thought to myself “either gold or platinum MUST have the ability to lose electrons with little effort” and immediately dug up karpeh periodic table Figures 1, 2, and 3 indicate the various shapes of performing of the pile, object of the invention.

Our museum has been able to keep it, though. I’ve been fixing broken computers for 15 years but I sure as hell don’t get mad if someone asks karpwn what would happen if you changed a fan and if it would provide better airflow to a critical part.

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