52/, Normele metodologice de aplicare a prevederilor Legii nr. Legea nr. / privind protecţia şi promovarea drepturilor persoanelor cu handicap. HGR Actualizata Report. Post on Jul LEGEA Din Actualizata Pana in Documents · Oug 34 Actualizata. / is implemented quickly, then the number of families receiving 4. 5. 42/ – pentru modificarea úi completarea Legii nr. .. Law no/

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What, however, does the Commission intend to do in order to ensure that they comply with the rules? The connected continent package bears great significance for Europe. The development or review of guidelines for the treatment of mental disorders and of pathological gambling does not fall under the responsibility of the Commission, but under that of Member States and health professionals’ organisations.

What recommendations does the Commission make to Member States in relation to food nutrition and actualzata bodies such as national health authorities and care organisations? It would therefore be unclear whether the sale price would reflect the market value. This Network will continue the work of the previous Network, the contract for which has recently come to an end.

Here too, no direct causal link has been established by the medical community. Lfgea many EU Member States have introduced systems exempting patients from 20133 to pay in advance themselves for healthcare in another Member State?

Has the Commission considered initiating an infringement procedure against Spain in relation to this case? Nell’aprile ha istituito la piattaforma sulla buona governance fiscale C per assicurare il seguito attuativo di queste raccomandazioni. Does the Commission intend to deal with this matter in the new EU Citizenship Report due at the end of ? I cittadini europei sono molto preoccupati in merito alle inutili sofferenze causate agli animali da sistemi di cattura crudeli come le tagliole.


legez A certain level of harmonisation has been achieved for excise duty rates and tax structure. The reply of the Agency will be transmitted as soon as possible by the Commission to the Honourable Member.

Em caso afirmativo, onde, quando e de que forma foi o mesmo divulgado? Therefore, based on the information available to the Commission, further action does not seem necessary at this moment in time. To improve acyualizata of the prevalence of this phenomenon the Commission is exploring possibilities to exploit current Eurostat surveys and is actively participating in the work of the European Institute for Gender Equality.

For the acquisition prices in Italy, the Honourable Member may ask the Italian authorities. Similarly, we sctualizata drawing your attention to the following requests of hauliers from Romania:.

EUR-Lex – JOC___E__01 – EN – EUR-Lex

It has drafted safety and efficacy tables that have become, since a year, part of the Agency’s assessment report template. Inquiry into potential aid for large electricity consumers exempted from network charges in Germany.

What properties does Frontex have at its disposal, and how many square metres of useful working area does each of these have?

In linea con il suddetto regolamento del Consiglio che vieta l’uso di tagliole, non dovrebbe la Commissione sospendere le importazioni di pellicce grezze, conciate o finite di animali selvatici catturati in tal modo? Wenn nein, warum nicht? The Council is currently discussing the issue of Cybersecurity on the basis of this communication, and cannot therefore respond to the issues raised in the Honourable Member’s question until these discussions have been concluded.


Smuggling affects border areas in particular.

legea nr din actualizata pdf – PDF Files

At the time of writing the Commission has received notification of transposition measures from thirteen Member States. Turkey’s unfulfilled obligations towards the EU. Alle Beteiligten haben einen Monat Gelegenheit zur Stellungnahme. Aggiornamento sull’utilizzo del Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale in Romania ai sensi dell’articolo 7, paragrafo 2, del regolamento CE n.

legea nr 448 din 2006 actualizata 2013 pdf

Het grondrechtenaspect wordt eveneens in de GVDB-gerelateerde activiteiten op de voet gevolgd. All xctualizata provisions must be interpreted in the light of the fundamental rights of the individuals concerned, particularly the freedom of employment. The EU has expressed the hope that the dispute will be resolved in accordance with international law.

In some Member States e. It has not actualizatz all obstacles to the free movement of goods, including restrictions on a direct transport link with Cyprus. Since the Commission could not exclude that some of the exemptions, including that for slate, constituted aid on the basis of the information available, and as their compatibility with state aid rules had not yet been actualixata, the Commission had to open a formal investigation procedure to examine them more in detail.