LWUIT demo contains a ContainerList sample in the Scroll demo. There is also an explanation in our blog Generally. animations · LWUIT source code, 7 years ago. events · LWUIT source code, 7 years ago. geom · LWUIT source code, 7 years ago. html · LWUIT . Time to market (since when): Already available for download as part of LWUIT (for the themes); the additional support for AMAyA anticipated to be available .

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The following sections detail the five resource types and the ways in which they relate to the resource bundle mechanism. Source code at Java. Kameswari May 29, at 5: Developers can use Windows or Linux computers to integrate the themes into the mobile applications.

I hope you dont think im being critical or flooding your blog, im just adding my thoughts as I come across them im amazed how good this is now. If false, fonts are aliased. A library has typically been installed as a NetBeans module.

LWUIT 1.5 released!

Generally ContainerList is a drop-in replacement for list, just replace the usage of List with ContainerList and it should work pretty seamlessly albeit slower. Most of these demos are self-evident user interface samples. Dynamic Fonts Different platforms have different font support.

Unknown Source at com. Sign up using Email and Password. A selector can be defined as an attribute value, optionally with a component name prepended to it for narrowing the selection further. Lightweight UI Toolkit supports pluggable theme-ability, a component and container hierarchy, and abstraction of the underlying GUI toolkit.


For traditional documentation, see the “Resources” chapter in the Developer’s Guide mentioned in Section 9.

list – How to use ContainerList in lwuit ? – Stack Overflow

You can add several additional types of resources to the build tag. The Resource Editor has its own help, and tutorials that are accessed from the Resource Editor’s Help menu. The term lightweight indicates that the widgets in the library draw their state in Java source without native peer rendering.

One can add several images based on the DPI of the device one of several predefined family ranges. A set of three high contrast themes to ensure that users with low vision are able to use LWUIT applications. Type 2 into the gradient Size spinner to double the size of lwkit gradient.

The Java Spotlight Podcast Episode 4 was posted a few days ago: The Resource Editor can use device specific fonts or create bitmap fonts for the devices from any font installed in your desktop operating system.

Type ff into the left gradient color to select a blue to black radial gradient. Main innovation and comparison to the State of the Art: Timelines allow rudimentary animation and enable GIF importing using the resource editor. There seems to be an issue with selected style.

  ASTM D1293 PDF

Contact details of the principal developer: It’s working for me. How can I use Vector in this situation. Double-click the ContentPane style entry. Cheers, — Terrence Advertisements. This issue stems from Java SE’s look and feel implementation and the only workaround is luwit change the application look and feel using the Look And Feel menu option.

The term lightweight indicates that the widgets in the library draw their state in Java source without native peer rendering.

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You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. A theme can be defined using a key value properties file containing selectors and values. Does it have an impact in the application? Off indicates no anti-aliasing in the bitmap font, and Simple indicates standard anti-aliasing. I love the idea of the applet and desktop versions, but it would be helpful if you had “touchable” softkeys rather than relying on people to use F1, F2 and escape – it becomes completely impossible to keep the mental model in yoour head when you cant see “back” etc.

I am also facing issue with getSelectedStyle.