I don’t like Macron But he is a way better than Trump (it’s not so hard) lmao hahahahahahahcant stop laughing m8 .. # Norway kasparama. It certainly would NOT have been ideal with Hillary either, but still much. Dầu Macron M8 làm việc ở chế độ nặng tải đa dụng dùng trong gia công cắt gọt thép có độ bền cao, kim loại màu và kim loại nhẹ. Tương thích với sơn. telegraph-front-page/news-story/ Vc . d=”M8 17v-6h4v6h5V9h3L10 0 0 9h3v8z” fill=”#”.

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Trump tweets incoherent warning to Macron, suggests Germany could invade France again : politics

Im pretty sure the millitary jacron each country would just simply disobey any order to harm the other. Please, Merkel could leave power, and 3 years from now, wear a Kaiser helmet as a Halloween costume at a party, and fox would be screaming about the 4th reich for YEARS. I’ve seen simultaneous “Germany is committing suicide via globalization” and “the EU is a clandestine German imperial power grab!

It fluctuates, we’ll see what happens. People never mention all their spies in American movies and tv macronn.

Dầu máy nén khí Mobil Rarus SHC

According the either Wolf’s or Woodward’s book forget which his confidant Roy Cohn even asked Trump outright why he thinks macfon is bad. But that is startlingly stupid.


Really makes you go “hmm In journalists will be writing on the centenary of the Great War – that is, if there has not been a greater war. We sent soldiers and equipment to Asia and fought the asshats that attacked an ally. I think he’s going to crack.

Anyone remember Freedom Fries? An article must be primarily written in English for us to be able to moderate it and enforce our rules in a fair and unbiased manner.

Michigan has legal weed now too! This criticism of the European military is ridiculous, france and the uk are the 5th and 6th most powerful militarily in the world. You mean those things in Oklahoma that flatten houses? Fucking stupid and childish behavior. De Tweet bekijken van realDonaldTrump: The United States are suffering technical difficulties.

And as a French, I can’t wait to invade your country for next Oktoberfest!! Remember Trump and the Republicans screaming “America First”? And that’s how I know that the thing that gets to him most is when he’s portrayed as a buffoon, or when people insult his intelligence or competence.

Oh look, it’s time for the daily collapse, got to go. Also, free speech is illegal. Well, it was raining. Funny you say stable. Our president is an incel negging his friends so they come beg for mercy This is all he has. He claims that Macron is at a low approval rating he isbut forget that it’s been the case for our presidents for the last 20 years and our unemployement rate m88 been between 8 and 10 for decades.


And, actually, I would argue that the money thing is part of that. This is typical behavior for Republican leaders. On the other hand, the Franco-German partnership has worked quite well for both of them. That money doesn’t go to the US.

He also makes it about popularity and approval. What the fuck does “pay for nato or not” mean?

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Just like he’s convinced that international trade is bad. He’s basically a developmentally arrested high-schooler. Trump knows exactly what he’s doing when he says shit like this. Don’t put any stock in the ramblings of fools.

Trump is a mobster-wannabe. As a reminder, this subreddit is for civil discussion.